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online class alert: announcing MPS holiday

online class alert: announcing MPS holiday

several years ago i teamed up with Jessica Sprauge to create a series of classes that we called “Mouse Paper Scissors”. the concept of the series was to take something that Jessica is genius at: teaching Photoshop skills and creating digital art; and combining it with what i love… paper crafting! it’s been awhile, but we got together over the summer and started talking about creating an MPS that would focus on the HOLIDAY season! once our brainstorming session was complete, we had drawn up an online class that would feature Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!  and this time, we will be creating AMAZING holiday decor!


creating “holiday vignettes” has become super popular, and the evidence is all over Pinterest! it’s just so much FUN to have one place in your home, where you can continually update and “re-mix” for each special time of year! this class is precisely for this! in fact, we thought that we would even create a formula that could be used and reused for each holiday!  we have chosen 6 decor elements that we will be creating fun projects around for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! the class features 24 total projects: 6 for each holiday!

because halloween is almost here, we made it easy by  creating a series of printables that don’t require any “photoshop” work! this will get you started printing and playing and making pretty stuff!  it’s so much fun to have actual art to work with – and make it fit your ideas and your vision!


learning Photoshop can be SO intimidating! in fact… i am that girl that just can’t even stand the thought of sitting down and trying to LEARN a new program, or a new skill! but i am here to tell you that having some digital photoshop skills is an absolute LIFESAVER! i love being able to create my own invitations to parties, handouts at church or for my kids school classes… being able to make my own decorations, and make my ideas a REALITY!  i am not a trained designer in any way… but i LOVE knowing the tricks and tips that i have learned from Jessica along my journey! she has a GIFT of teaching… and it’s SO worth the time, and energy in learning how to use these tools!


creating a HOLIDAY VIGNETTE can also be intimidating!? but we will be breaking it down for you, and sharing our little “hacks” and tips for making it FUN and easy to create an amazing display! we have created a kit that includes a few things that we will be showcasing in each holiday display: the lightbox, a lightbox alphabet, transparency sheets, clipboard set, and a marquee light kit!


each month we are going to create our very own inserts for the lightbox! the lightbox is all the rage and this will make it so much fun to incorporate it into a larger holiday display!


the clipboards actually come in a set of 3 (one large, as shown above, and 2 smaller). I absolutely LOVE hanging stuff on clipboards! and i LOVE incorporating interactive elements into holiday decor! this “instant costume” set is so much fun to play around with!


as you may or may not know… i am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with LIGHTS!

the DIY marquee light kit is my personal favorite! we are going to have so much fun with this, and create unique light up elements for each holiday!


confession: i continue to be obsessed with banners… so yea… we will be serving up cutie banners for each holiday and incorporating new ways to layer, build and interact with them!

COME JOIN THE FUN! there are 2 options for joining the class – you can buy the “class only” option or you can purchase the option that includes the KIT (shipping is included in the price)!

head over to JessicaSprague.com and read up on her description and take a look at her version of the Halloween decor! that is another awesome perk… you will see ideas from BOTH of us and get double the ideas and inspiration!  you will love the learning, growing and making! i do hope you will join us!





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