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our first big adventure…

our first big adventure…

It’s almost 4am here… I guess that yesterday afternoon I totally bonked, and wouldn’t wake up for anything! I wasn’t the only one…eric and quincy were actually the only ones awake, and they went to dinner at “Annie’s” a little Italian place that is just up the road. There are some pizza’s on the counter that I am assuming is what he brought home for us for dinner. But no one woke up. We have GOT to get this day and night thing worked out! So it’s 4am, and quincy, colton and connor and I are all up hanging out.
Yesterday we got really adventurous… eric went to buy a van, and the rest of us decided to jump in couple of taxi’s and go to a big park closer to the city. I read in the ‘inside beijing’ book that there was a half-pipe in the park, so the boys were stoked. Kylee and I loaded the kids into 2 taxi’s and we headed out. The driving is a little scary! (ok really scary)- it’s kind of the ‘anything goes’ routine. But somehow… it works for them! The ride to this park was about 20 minutes or so. We got there and got all unloaded and immediately, we were surrounded by locals. They were talking really fast and pointing and laughing at us. It was totally freaky! Depsite the fact that I don’t speak Chinese (not yet), I could tell that they were saying: ‘this American lady is totally crazy…look at all those kids”. It seemed like I could see them counting! Lol. Everyone especially loves Capri and her white blonde, curly hair. She was not liking the attention. When anyone would get too close, she would cry. People would be trying to take photos of her. I wasn’t really sure how to handle it. anyway… we wandered the park for a long time. The weather was totally perfect and beautiful. We were looking for the skate park, and I kept trying to ask people about it- so I would point to the boards, and make motions like a skateboarder. Everyone I asked would look at me like I was crazy, and kind of point in a random direction. Lol.. I finally found someone that seemed to work there, and I called eric and had him talk to the person on the phone in Chinese. We were told that there was a skate park, but no one came to use it, and so they took it out. The boys were totally bummed…that is until we saw the boats. There was a pretty big (pretty green lake) that wrapped all around the park. So we rented 2 little electric boats and jumped in and cruised around for ½ hour. The kids driving the boats was scarier than the Chinese driving on the freeway (if that is possible). But we had fun. Kylee was the official photographer, so I will have to add those photos later. We played around the park for awhile…we were providing the free entertainment for everyone in the park. the boys were riding their boards, quincy roller blading and Capri (star of the show) simply crawling up and down any set of stairs she could find. When it came time to grabbing taxi’s to get back, I wasn’t really sure about where to go, so I tried asking around. One lady figured out what I was asking and demonstrated how I had to walk out into traffic, and flag a taxi down. Now since I have a phobia of being outside a cross-walk b/c of my accident in Portugal…I was a little panicy, but I was brave… stepped into this little median and held out my hand w/ a 2… (for 2 taxi’s-I made that up but it worked~!) two taxi’s pulled over, and we loaded up! I have a little sheet of paper with the address of our house written to show the drivers…and off we go! Praying all the way!
I am starting to pick up on some key words…and recognizing where we are and where we need to go to get home. So that is reassuring. We had so much fun! We were laughing all the way…
Ok, here are a couple photos.. the first is from the night before last when I was the only one up-working on my art journal… and everyone was crashed in the family room. This couch is awesome!!! This photo was taken at like 8pm. The other two photos I snapped yesterday as I blogged about Capri and Connor playing (mom- connor loves his sock-monkey quilt!)




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