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over the weekend

over the weekend


I am feeling really thankful for some much needed ‘family time’ that we got this weekend…Eric has been coaching the 7/8th grade rugby team that Colton and Cory have been playing on – and we are in week 4 of actual games. Rugby is still relatively new around here, so a LARGE percentage of the boys are playing for the first time…but the program is really growing, and the boys LOVE It! and saying the Eric loves coaching them, would be an understatement!

This weekend, the boys were invited to a tournament in St. George (southern Utah), and that meant 4 games… we loaded our family up and headed south Friday evening, in hopes of warmer weather! No such luck..


It was rainy and cold, which left the field traditionally muddy- and within 5 minutes of the games starting, all the boys were covered in mud. Sadly, the boys lost all 4 of their games, but played great! As a mom, it’s a little like watching your kid in a rodeo- it just looks like they are getting slammed, squashed, stepped on and thrown.  How could they not be having a great time! happy to report no major injuries!
after a long day of cheering, and mud…we enjoyed some Mongolian BBQ which was delicious and we hunkered down to watch a movie. The great thing about being away, is that there is nothing else for me to do, but relax and enjoy- it made me realize that I just need to choose to relax and  enjoy a little more often. I am a busybody- always thinking of all the things left on my list. I could tell that my family appreciated my kicking back. it’s funny how hard it is for me to just chill. I need to work on that.

Ready for a big week ahead…

Here’s to a great Monday!


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