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I have to hand it to Eric.. not only did he take this ‘motley crew’ paint balling to celebrate Cory’s birthday (ok, only 5 weeks late)… but he made sure that he got some photos so that I could scrapbook the whole thing! And I think he got some great shots…
So, rewind back to April 14th… Cory turned 10 years old. We had only been back a couple of weeks, and I was in TOTAL survival mode, and not functioning at my full capacity.. in fact, it might have been at like 20%!! I just didn’t have the energy to put together a party… so Cory has been P A T I E N T L Y waiting for a party!  We found a flyer for a paint ball place, and thought that would be fun. there just kept being one thing after another and all the sudden it was Quincy’s b-day… and of course, I was more ‘on track’, so she got a party right on her b-day… well, as you can imagine…I knew that we had to get the paintball party underway!


Eric had to be on board for this one, and Saturday was the day! This place is called ‘the church’ and it’s 3 huge fields that have different levels of ‘play’… these boys had a blast!! They played for about 3 hours and all had a few welts to show for it. (eric even got photos of the welts!) chuckle… 


Happy birthday CORY! (again) and welcome SUMMER!

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