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paris by day…

paris by day…


Lots of cold and rain prevented me from taking many photos..
but I got a few! we ate lunch at this CUTEST restaurant called the ‘pancake
square’ it’s a crepe restaurant…ohmygosh, it was SO yummy! It made all wet,
rain and cold worth the adventure! 
Because of the rain, the traffic and getting around has been very
difficult and crazy…makes it hard to get across town. Paris is a huge city…
what would I do without my I phone and google maps??!  Man, too bad we have to do work!!



i am having some problems uploading more of the photos i took… i'll have to keep trying later, maybe there will be more bandwidth when everyone goes to sleep! Note the red flocked trees! AMAZING! they have these totally cool black ornaments. there were flocked red and black trees – how cool is that… i think that i'd really like some hot pink and turquoise flocked trees next year! fabulous! it's SO inspiring!


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