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i just made these fabulous candles using the ROCKIN' santa brushes… 



i'll be sharing more info and HOW TO… but maybe you should pick up a bunch of plain, basic pillar candles while you are out battling the crowds today so you can make these for your hoiday decor or even to give as GIFTS!!! i grabbed mine at Micheals- but i am sure they are even cheaper at like the dollar store… i think they were between $2 and $4…and they have nice scents, so that's a bonus..

you will also need some white tissue paper and a heat tool!! you can grab a heat tool here if you don't have one! i guarantee that when i show you how to make them, you will want to make a bunch cause they are SOO easy and FUN to make! i am loving my heat tool lately… i have been heat embossing on everything… i totally love the constrast, texture and extra umph!!

anyway…just something for you to think about! no crafting for me today! only AZ fuN!!

be sure to pop over to House of 3 to enjoy our Black Friday sale… load up on all the fabulous HOLIDAY art and MORE!! it's on until midnight tonight!! (50% of your order of at least $30…and you can get a LOT for $30)

here are some of my PERSONAL recommendations:

1. Collage story board kit– LOVE this

2. thank you teacher printable…only $.99 and great to have on hand! i use over and over!

3. we love dad kit: this is a printable project kit, and if you didn't make it for father's day, he'd LOVE it for Christmas! it's quick and FUN!

4. Gratitude card kit: i LOVE this, and i have made many- it's great to have around too.

5. post card brushes: ok, i have already used this 100 times… not just for christmas!!

6. festive photo card: considering this one for my own card!! cute… but great for any time, season, reason..

7. medallion card: just. plain. gorgeous. and you would use this again and again too!

8. rockin christmas packaging kit: this is just a MUST HAVE!!!

9. holiday backgrounds: i have used these a ton already, they are more than just holiday!

10. french ooh la la tags: good staple… for sure and HERE is the digital version

11. TICKETS... another MUST have…

12. monogram kit: here is a great opportunity to get this kit at 1/2 price. it's one that will serve you well! banners, tags and every reason in between! love this kit… 

ok, that is just a short list of what i LOVE!! surely you can find $30 dollars of goodness to play with!!

ENJOY your shopping experience… look around, you have until midnight!!

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