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photo cards?

photo cards?

are you making holiday cards this year!? YOU BETTER BE!!  everyone loves getting christmas cards in the mail! and let's be honest, people LOVE getting a photo! you might be making 150 handmade cards with glimmer mist, and ruffles sewn on…with inks, stamping, and all kinds of steps and layers; or maybe you are simply uploading your photo to an online photo  lab, and having a christmas postcard printed…wham bam!! whatever you choose to do- DO SOMETHING! people want to see/hear from yoU! facebook or no facebook, NOTHING can replace finding a cute card in your mail box that is neither a bill or junkmail! break down and get your card making on!  for me, making cards really gets me in the christmas spirit! cute photo… clever card. i love it.  for the sake of a little inspiration, i designed a few cards using the new collections that Jessica Sprague and i collaborated on: 

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 3.32.43 AM
these elements come from the 12 Days of Christmas Full Collection.  (the striped paper is in the bonus papers folder). for this card, i made a 9-square collage and masked each of the photo in so they are the same size.

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 2.55.49 AM
this 'format' for the card is a great way to feature each member of your family, and a good solution for if you don't have a 'family' group shot that you might like… these papers are from the Winter Wonderland Full Collection. That Snowflake Garland is awesome! love it. love it so much, i used it again here:

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 1.15.08 AM
(see… capri is doing the 'peace sign' thing- perfect!)

Screen shot 2011-11-27 at 1.31.30 AM
this dotty paper has to be one of my favs of the whole thing- love the colors! 

There you go! just thought i'd spread some holiday cheer in the form of inspiration!!aren't they lovely! so easy to make! if you don't know how to make these… and you are thinking that you would LOVE to know HOW to make these– (it's really pretty easy!) make it a goal to take the first INTRO class over at www.jessicasprague.com!  in fact, head over there, and sign up for her FREE CLASS— and get a feel for how the classes work.  i am here to tell you that the classes Jessica teaches are AMAZING, and ANYONE  (yes, you too) can learn how to be a masterful photoshop phenom!  you will LOVE knowing how to make stuff like this, and contiuing to learn, and grow some photoshop wings!  oh, and BTW… this is the time of year to buy classes at JS.com!! the classes are on SALE right now! you can gift them, you can buy them for yourself! they are an amazing deal. 20-35% off! spectacular.  THIS is your chance to learn a few basics to get you going! if you haven't ventured over to her site,  you might want to check it out- great deals on all the digi goods, as well as the classes… and get this- if you don't know what a 'photoshop friday' is, well- find out! there is a way to register for the SUBSCRIPTION! this is all new and WOW!! there is also an all new 'rewards program'.  i'm just sayin…learning how to do this stuff changes your life! it's worth it. and jessica makes it so do-able.   put it on your resolution list, and make the purchases while they are on sale!  classes make great gifts (for yourself and others!)

let me tell you this– i have a little surprise planned at the end of Jessica's FREE CLASS… it's scheduled for Sat. Dec. 10. EVENING-ish.  SO– get registered. and just kinda keep your evening open! you won't want to miss! wink! 🙂



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