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photos from the day…

photos from the day…


What a day!

We have been up 3 canyons, and to 3 different check points-
following the online updates, trying to figure out when Cam will be coming into
each check point… etc etc…. and in between- trying to create these FUN ‘team’
t-shirts, loading up kids in and out and keeping them out of the runners’ way!
It’s been QUITE a day! so much fun… as I sit here, it’s almost midnight, and
Cam and LaRane are expected to arrive at the Brighton check point around
2:30am, and we’ll need to go and pick her up and support Cam on his last ‘crew’
check point before the finish of the race. Almost 60 people have had to drop
out so far for various reasons… amazing really! And the people that are up
there supporting the runners, making grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken soup…
how cool are they!?  The whole
thing is just such an amazing undertaking, I can’t believe it!

Ok… so here are just some fun photos from the day. it was
hard to focus on taking the photos, cause everything was happening so fast! And
trying to keep track of the littles…

It was the fun kind of crazy.

ok, this is the top of Big Mountain… and this is my aunt Kalita taking off w/ Cam


this is the 'check out' – big mountain


this is where we were watching the trail from – it's amazing that we could spot them from so far away- lucky for the yellow jersey. (this is LaRane and their 2 boys)


more spectators… (this is also my uncle tom, kalia's husband)


i think he was just as happy to see us as we were to see him!

Coming in 

look at what a good job we were doing supporting!! -can you see capri holding a cup for Cam? He was feeling totally OVERHEATED coming into this check point. the temps were as high as 95 degrees… far higher than usual for the runners of this race. all he wanted was ice and coke.  we cleaned his feet, changed shoes and got him on his way…


So- Katie was pacing Cam for the next 8 miles to the top of Milcreek Canyon. She was ready! she thinks that running is easier than taking care of her kids!


here's the CREW… (pretty low budget, a bunch of kids!)


Quincy loves to give massages…so she was taking good care of cam! (this is the back of her shirt!)


here we are waiting for Cam to come in…the t-shirts were a huge hit!! GO YUDU!


there they are taking off : katie and cam. this was about 6:43pm and 53 miles behind him.


So this was the scene tonight about 9:30pm tonight. Katie and Cam actually beat us into the check point by about 10 minutes. I guess that coming up the hill, katie was asking cam what sounded good (she meant to eat)… and he said "a chair"… mind you, at this point he has 61 miles behind him, and still 49 miles to go. UGH!!


We brought up his main duffel w/ all his gear, a big warm blanket… he was drinking chicken broth- and it was just making his day! it was about 50 degrees at this point.  Cam was in great spirits, and LaRane was all set! she is now putting in about 14 miles- and like i said… we'll be picking her up around 2:30am.  i can't even imagine doing this in the dark! and funny thing- i have just NO desire to do something like this!! i should have had my t-shirt say "i'd rather be scrapbooking!" LOL

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