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photos…ERIC SWAPP's 40th Bday Bash!

photos…ERIC SWAPP's 40th Bday Bash!

Ok.. presents are wrapped. Hoping I can dial down the stress-o-meter, and enjoy-


Last night we CELEBRATED Eric’s big “4-oh”…. And it was quite a  c e l e b r a t i o n!


I was racking my brain to come up with something that would be fun-for-the-whole-family and somehow fit into the season! The idea that I finally came up with fit perfectly! But finding ‘ice’ in the evening… anywhere… that isn’t for league or public skate.. that would be the trick! So when it worked out, that I found ice ON eric’s b-day, it had to be! I was so stoked… whipped up an invite….


Skating Konnipace

The party was last night, and it was SO much fun. It was a little crazy, and I only wish that I had been able to capture the fabulous-ness of the event; but I was too busy having fuN! 



A HUGE thank you to all that came and made it great. Cause really, a party is only as good as the cool people that come! And we had the coolest group of friends and family- and it certainly made us feel blessed and loved! How cool to look out on the ice and see it filled with all people we love! (breaking all the normal on-ice rules)



Ranecache  Scottkj


The rink was built to accommodate some of the Olympic events when SLC had the games in ’02- it’s a super nice venue. We set up goodies in the ‘party room’… thanks to Costco for Pumpin Pie (eric’s favorite), some cake and donuts.  Then I set up a fairly extensive “Hot Chocolate Bar”… the party invitation had promised “bottomless Hot Chocolate.” And I TOTALLY overdid it by mixing up 10 gallons of Hot Chocolate! (we only downed 5 gallons)… you know- my good friend Elizabeth Banks? – the one w/ the Cook Book..(you can order it here) anyway… she always has the best ideas- and on New Years, she always does a “hot chocolate bar” for her kids and all their friends… and she goes all out- so I called her for some ideas.


Here is what I got:

Syrups: vanilla, caramel, hazelnut

Sauces: choc, white choc

Toppings: whip cream

Sprinkles: choc. Sprinkles, mini choc chips, pnut butter chips, crushed oreo, crushed candy cane, colored sugar, (forgot the cinnamon, would have been good)

And of course… a huge jar of marshmallows.

It was yum!

Turns out, if you put boiling hot choc in a 5 gal cooler- it stays pretty dang hot!

It was a crowd pleaser… and I LOVE Hot Chocolate!

Well, happy, happy bday to my Sweet Hubby! I love you!

  Ok, so… I have to tell you what we did with the remaining 5 gallons of Hot Choc!

HotchocWoke up this morning and moved a table out to the corner and since I wasn’t sure what the weather would do- pulled the big patio umbrella out and helped Quincy and her friends turn a moving box into a sign : “ Yummy Hot Chocolate…” .25 per cup! Quincy and her friends were out there for hours and sold all 5 gallons!! How funny is that? Hotcocoa2

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