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PJ day

PJ day

I had a Pajama day today- and I have the hair to match! I think that I simply woke up with too much creative energy to get dressed! I thought that I’d manage a t-shirt and jeans by the time the big kids got home from school, but in fact, I had to take Quincy to dance in my pJ’s… (I did stay in the car…don’t worry!). we had microwave popcorn and choc. Chip cookies for lunch and relying on some leftovers for dinner! I am happy to report, that I am making some progress on CHA preparations, as well as work on the “Mouse, Paper, Scissors” class… so much fuN!

HAPPY TEASER this is a little peek at one of the projects for the class… you will learn how to create all the pieces! this is just one of the 4 (one part of one of the 4)! it's going to be so awesome! what are you waiting for?! let's do it!

i have a couple of links for you to check out…


2. this is the link for the FREE TRIAL of the Photoshop Elements… it's only good for a month, so don't get it YET!

3. if you are thinking about purchasing the software , and you qualify for the student version, by having a student in your household… click HERE!


18 months ago, my parents moved to Fiji to serve as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints… it’s time for them to come home! They land here in SLC on Wed night next week… and we are in preparations for their arrival!  Because if this hugely important and exciting event, we have adjusted next week’s WEBSHOW schedule…


Next week, the LIVE webshow will be on Tuesday night instead of it’s regularly scheduled time on Wednesday evening.  Wendy Senger from Tattered Angels is coming in to announce some really exciting new stuff that is going on… so you will not want to miss out! We have also been given permission to show some of our NEW House of 3/ Pink Paislee products… and maybe even some of the samples we have created for display in the show booths… so it will be a really fun show! Be sure to program yourself a reminder on your phone or something, so you won’t miss it!  Same time… 7pm on the west Coast… 8pm Mountain time… 9PM Central and 10PM Eastern… and for you folks living across oceans, hopefully you can figure out what time that is for you!


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