Heidi Swapp | Planner Tips for the Beginner Planner
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Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner

Planner Tips for the Beginner Planner

The beginning of the year evokes this need to try new things. Set new goals. Do the thing we keep putting off. I love this time of year. The proverbial line in the sand. The old to new. The past to the future. And with a new year, for many of us, a new planner.

But maybe you are new to the planner community. Or maybe you have a planner not yet even opened. Maybe it’s half way done??? Whatever the situation, this post today is one in which I hope to share a few tips to planning. They are super basic. Super simple. But super doable too. And perhaps these ideas are just the thing you need to recharge, or start for the first time. your planner journey.

Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



Well. I can’t assume these things will be obvious. (A mantra we live by in our home: assume nothing). It is indeed sort of important to start with a planner. Think about what type of planner would serve you best. Do you need a large format planner with 6×8-inch size pages? Or are you better with a more on the go personal size planner that is closer to 4×7-inch pages? Do you like spiral bound? Ring bound? Or even, what do you think about a travelers size planner? I know!?!? The choices abound.

Personally for me I have preferred the larger format planner. But this year, I am thinking I may want to streamline the planning process just a bit, and utilize a personal size planner. Here today I am using the Color Fresh Let’s Do This Spiral Bound Personal-size Planner. And I like it!


Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



What do I mean by this? Planning format: are you thinking about using your planner in a Memory Planner format, recording memories, photos, and events more like a scrapbook page? Or are you thinking you want to have an inspiration planner (I love this idea, this deserves a whole entire post)? This type planner is home to serious goals, whether your brand, or work, or home. It’s a planner full of ideas, and quotes, and inspirational images. Personally, I think everyone needs a planner this. But the traditional way to use a planner, is, well, for planning (hand planted on forehead). Am I right? We in the planner community sometimes use our planners for anything besides actually planning. But you can do that? You really can! The Memory Planner Collections are full of tools for providing one to actually plan ones days.


Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



Very often I have had dear followers tell me they don’t know what to put in their planners. There just isn’t enough day to day life to fill in those kinds of details. I get that. I mean. How many times can I write in my planner that I worked. All. Day? B o r i n g. But here is my tip: fill those spaces with photos. Like my mug up there on a bright sun-filled morning. I love recording that kind of stuff. That is what life is made up of for me. Or take a screen shot of a Heidi quote on her Instagram feed. And print it for your planner spaces. The Color Fresh Sticker Book is full of awesome quotes and phrases that could fill up a whole page in my opinion. They are that good. But here is one more little mini tip for filling an empty space: gratitude. Find things in your day to write down. This will do your heart and soul SO MUCH GOOD.


Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



Yes. Yes. and yes. If we don’t make things like planner time a priority, it won’t get done. Trust me. I know. This is still an area I ebb and flow in. Some days the planner is open in my studio and I jot down ideas and thoughts as the day goes along. And sometimes, true confession here, I can go weeks without a jot in my planner. Right!?!?! You feel me don’t you. And that’s OK. No judgement here whatsoever. So I encourage you to MAKE space for your planner if this is a priority you want to happen this new year.


Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



Make this planner your own. Don’t compare. You are not the poster you are stalking, I mean, following on Instagram. You are you. That is truer then true. OK…sorry, a Susical moment slipped in there for a second. But hey, maybe you need to write that very quote down!!! This is your planner. Don’t make it someone elses planner. Be inspired??? Yes. For sure. Totally get that. But then use that jumping off place to create place in your planner for you and all your youness.


Planner Tips For the Beginner Planner



This sort of follows in step with the above tip. Which is why it’s a bonus. Be kind to yourself. Do not set up expectations that you cannot meet. Can I get an amen? I believe following the above tips will allow that to happen for you. But you have to guard against the setting yourself up a bit. And especially if you are starting out. Go easy. Set baby goals for you and your planner. You can thank me later.

Heidi Swapp and her Memory Planner Collection provides so many ways to make the above tips happen. A planner is the first step. So decide on that first. And then be on your way. Enjoy the process. Be kind to yourself. And have a most beautiful and well Memory Planned New Year.


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