Heidi Swapp | Planning For 2020 With Travelers Notebook
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How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook

Planning For 2020 With Travelers Notebook

We are in that juxtaposition where we are smack in the middle of a busy December month and all that goes along with the holiday festivities. But we are also staring straight down the calendar into 2020! Twenty twenty already!!! Even the name of the year sounds sort of ominous. I keep thinking of vision. You know…20-20…vision? Yep! That’s it.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


The beginning of the year always has me thinking about how better to tell my stories. I don’t ever seem to meet the goals I set for myself for the previous year. That’s OK. Not ideal. But I have to somehow be OK with it.

So now…line in the sand as I often like to say…a new year, and with it a clean slate for making things happen.

And for me one of those things to make happen is to tell my story well.

Here’s an idea for telling that story well. Utilize a story journal. I am using one of the Heidi Swapp Journal Studio Kits, shaking up the contents inside, with the idea to use this travelers notebook for my story journal. I will be using one of the grid notebook inserts (this one HERE in particular) and sketching out how and what stories to tell.

But first things first:


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


In the spirit of always making things pretty, I am crafting an introduction page for this notebook. Using that large THIS YEAR sticker from the Sticker Book, as well as some alphas from the back of that same book, I will use a few other Puffy Stickers to craft an opening page. Just a note: I adhered cardstock to that first page just so I did not have the grid background, and to give it more stability.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


This is how that page came together. The THIS YEAR was adhered to cardstock so it was un-sticky. And then I stapled it to the edge of the first page. I added the 2020 with black alpha stickers from the Sticker Book. DETAILS OF LIFE is a puffy sticker. So is that WRITE IT DOWN…the theme of this notebook. I just circle punched a space from the front so that phrase could be seen as it is adhered to the next page.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


Next, now that the pretty stuff is out of the way, comes the heart of this notebook. What’s great about the notebook inserts is that there are 24 page layouts. That way I can use this notebook to catch up on some 2019 stories not yet told, as well as have plenty of room to plan my 2020 pages. Thus, you are looking at my November planning page now.

I have used a month sticker from the Sticker Book. I filled in the dates of the days that will be part of this section of my album. I also noted what week of the year each week belongs to.

Then I sketched (which is why I like the grid pattern for this) how my month’s opening page in my album will look. I have 16 sections that I fill with highlights from that month.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


I added a numbered list that corresponds to the 12×12 scrapbook page. I will fill in what photos will go in what part of my photo grid.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


On the opposite side is where I will jot down story notes. Whether I am gathering these ideas all at once at the end of the month. Or whether I add notes as the month goes along, either way, I am very excited to have a home like this where my stories can be planted, take root, and bloom to life soon on their own scrapbook page of photos + story.


How To Plan 2020 With Heidi Swapp Travelers Notebook


I already love having this notebook of notes and ideas in the works. I am looking forward to a new year of great stories which there will be plenty to document. And I am always happy to use a great collection like Journal Studio to make this all come to life and be pretty as well.


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