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Easy Graduation Gift Idea with Art Walk Collection

Easy Graduation Gift Idea with Art Walk Collection

Help graduates capture memories


How to Craft a Grad Album with Heidi Swapp Art Walk


This time of year provides so many gift giving opportunities. Teacher’s Gifts. Mother’s Day. Up coming weddings. And of course graduation. Graduation is not only happening in our home, but, of course, my daughter has plenty of friends graduating as well. Which calls for even more gifts giving opportunities.

Something I have done in the past, and wanted to sort of up the idea a bit, was to create this album that my graduate could use to capture memories, photos, quotes, and even cards she is sure to receive.

Let me show around a little bit.


How to Craft a Grad Album with Heidi Swapp Art Walk


First of all, I used the Mini Cinch to bind the 6×8 album. A video will be available soon on my YouTube channel that shares more details of the making of this album.

And since I decided on a 6×8 size, the Art Walk 6×8 Paper Pad made for a super easy way to add sentiment and color and pattern to this album.

As you open the front cover, the first page is made from plastic paper. It’s a clear acetate that makes for a great cover page.

On this page I added an Art Walk Definition Sticker that says ‘carpe diem’. Appropriate I thought. That sticker is layered over die cut butterflies. I have a whole theory on butterflies as a storytelling icon. You can discover more about that HERE.

The, of course, the year. That 2022 is made from the Alpha Art Walk Stickers. You can see in the video how I cut the rectangle out on the front cover so the 2022 could show through.


How to Craft a Grad Album with Heidi Swapp Art Walk


Then…when that page is turned, a vellum page is next. This page is layered with a sticker from the Art Walk 6×12 Sticker Sheet. A notched tag is layered over that sticker and then another Definition Sticker. I am finding these definition stickers completely fitting for a grad mini. The words are inspirational and uplifting. All good things.


How to Craft a Grad Album with Heidi Swapp Art Walk


Next I have included a pocket page. Actually, the pocket portion wraps around the page to the other side creating yet another pocket. I figured this would be a good place to not only store some stationery for her thank you cards, but also a home for the cards she will be receiving. It’s always a good idea to gather cards for an event in it’s album rather than being scattered hither and yon.


How to Craft a Grad Album with Heidi Swapp Art Walk


Another page I added to this album is sort of an embellished page, but with purpose. The Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful is a cut away tag that I made a mini pocket from. This now holds some project cards with inspirational sayings tucked inside. Here’s the thing: it’s a wonderful thing to graduate, but it can also be a little scary. One cannot have too many encouraging sentiments at the ready to remind them ‘Yes! You can!’.

I hope this mini album walk through inspires your making. This album needs not be exclusive for a graduate. This could cover any kind of event or story. No need to limit oneself when it comes to the making. Many stories could be told by making pretty stuff from Art Walk Paper.

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author: Jamie Pate


26 May, 2022

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