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Pretty Planner Party!

Pretty Planner Party!


I think that it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with my Memory Planner, and everything about it! I had decided several months ago that I really wanted to host a “pretty planner party” and invite a few friends of mine, whom I knew didn’t “plan” (yet)… but whom I knew would love it once they learned about it.


I created this little invite in photoshop, and then text it out to the 12 women I would be including in the event. I was so excited when everyone could come…

HS_plannerinviteNow of course, I have the luxury of picking these items up at a pretty deep employee discount (wink)… this is one of the best parts of my job- being able to share my creations with people I love!

HS_plannerparty2I made arrangements for my littles to be with my mom, and came home from work a couple hours early to prepare… because I was working that day, I decided to just make a call and order “Café Rio” for dinner. If you are from Utah, or visited … then you know what a delicious TREAT it is to eat a little Café Rio! They have a really fabulous catering department, and I was delighted how easy they are to work with. That made it really easy for me to serve dinner! I also decided to pick up a “Nothing Bundt Cake” for dessert! Easiest dinner party ever!

HS_plannerparty8I moved all the furniture out of the way  to create a long table down the middle of our family room. Mostly, this  was just a fun excuse for a bunch of girls to sit and chat!


After we ate, I introduced everyone to their new best friend! The large Heidi Swapp polka dot, gold and white Memory Planner.


I hear so often how hard it is to “keep up” with life… and I feel the exact same way. I hear people echo my own thoughts: “last month (or week or year etc) seems like a blur” … Memory Planning is the only thing that I can think of that actually STOPS the blur!


I think that some of it is the process of WRITING. Something unique happens between your handwritten notes and your memory – like it LOCKS it in! Similar to the way the process of scrapbooking totally embeds your memories into that page during the process.


One of the biggest challenges with keeping up on the Memory Planner is keeping all your pretty stuff together, and in a place that will be easily accessible on a daily basis. I decided to give everyone a little bin from Ikea, along with a little white mug. This way, all their gear could be easily stored, and move around! The most important thing is figuring out what works best for you! I love keeping all my planner gear right by my bed. I encourage people to pick a time and place to always stay caught up!table1

Spending an evening laughing and eating… sharing stories and connecting… it’s just the best! It’s so worth the time and the effort! Thanks for everyone that helped me make this fabulous night happen!


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