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Print your own photo stickers!

Print your own photo stickers!

Life is busy, and time flies…and seriously, my memory is terrible.


Sometimes i can’t even remember what i had for breakfast, let alone what i did last week?  Which is exactly why i am so committed to using my “Memory Planner”.


I don’t use my planner in the way that i think someone might teach you how to use it like in some kind of “productivity” seminar… i use it to document my life. i sometimes say: “it stops the blur”. I also like to call it “scrapbooking in REAL TIME”… it’s a way to capture the details, so they can combine and help me to reconstruct my memories. In the 4 years since i have been using a Memory Planner, the thing that i have wished was easier, and more accessible has been adding photos into the small sections and quadrants of my planner pages.


I have found a few different solutions that i have used the past couple of years… but this year i got a little more serious about creating a product that would be specific to use in a planner! That means small in size, intentional in shape, and functional: you can print them at home and they are self-adhesive!



They are available in both the Personal and Classic size! Which means that they are designed to fit exactly into all of the little squares in the month-at-a-glance, and the weekly pages!


The papers are 5×7, and can be printed on any ink-jet printer. the paper is HP quality, so they print beautifully! Each package includes 3 different templates/orientations. SO excited!

So, of course it requires a little effort. But it’s totally worth it!


Here’s the link to the templates. Included in the zip files w/ the templates, there are extensive instructions as well as video tutorials. You can either choose to use the templates in Photoshop, which is SUPER easy – or in Photoshop elements. And if you have an iPhone, or a Mac… you can also use the Pages app or Pages on the computer. Either way, i’m still working on easier solutions, so stay tuned for that!


In the meantime… go and grab yourself some of these photo paper packages! You can always get your kids to help you get it all set up! ha! I am so thankful for my dear friend Jessica Sprauge who helped to create the templates, instructions and tutorials! She’s awesome!

Photos tell such a huge part of the story… they can supply fragments of the memory like nothing else. I love being able to include them, even in their smallest form, inside my planner!

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