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every year, i have loved the projects! i feel like i have learned so much every single year- but the thing that i love the most (personally) is getting the chance to take classes from such inspiring and passionate women- who are FUN and i consider my friends! when i first started dreaming up the idea of "Creative Escape" one of the things that i really wanted was a way for all the teachers to take each other's classes- in the past, when i attended events, i felt like as instructors there was no 'sharing' — seemed like you kept your class projects top secret, and it felt more like a competition… i remember that i was invited to teach at an event in S. Africa, and they spent the night before letting each one of the teachers give the group of teachers and volunteers a little 'taste' of their class- i felt like even in that smallest look into their teaching style and personality i learned so much, and personally benefitted by being exposed to other ways of teaching… i haven't taken many classes- you know, start to finish- so this would be a little 'dream' of mine.

Our answer to this, is that each year we have what we call "Preview Day" a few months before the actual event. We get together: teachers, staff, volunteers and take each and every class! work out the bugs, and figure out the kits, etc.  it's been a hightlight for me- a much more 'relaxed' and social time to get to know the volunteers and teachers alike. anyway… this year was no exception! loved Preview day!  we had a blast.

here's a look at the projects…

Ali2 Heidilynn

fantastic projects! i loved them all! and these teachers- what an amazing group of womeN! they were all so different and unique … just like their projects! 

AND, each year, all the amazing projects… in steped out photos, and step by step instructions…is compiled into an AMAZING idea book! this year was the first time it was bound on the side- making it a landscape oriented book- which was super cool!  i think you can order it on Scrapbook.com (or you will be able to…) i will update with a link as soon as i know! there is lots of fun tips and cool ideas in there in addition to the project info! —

this is the last page… love it! Doug Jones is so awesome! he is always game for all the crazy stuff, and is such an amazing supporter of the Scrapbooking industry. He has just as much passion and love for scrapbooking as any of us, and i really admire him so much as a leader, a business man, a husband and father- and ESPECIALLY grandfather… he is SO great w/ all those little kiddos!

i want to let the teachers know how greatly i appreciate all the effort and energy they each put into Creative Escape! from the Trunk Shows, to their fabulous "Power Point" presentations, 2 LOOONG days of teaching and of course their amazing creations! my love to all of you! thank you so much for giving SO much of yourselves to this year's events!

ok, tune in tomorrow for some CE swag!

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