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promised info…

promised info…

(warning… this is a really long post!!)


I hadn’t really thought about the fact that this was even a
whole new DECADE until I was watching the amazing Dick Clark last night. I
think that it made me even MORE excited and READY for this new year… and NEW
DECADE!! I thought back to where I was 10 years ago…I remember it vividly.
There is no way that I could have guessed where I’d be today then. It’s SO
exciting to me to think about what the next 10 years holds!


I have mentioned that I was working on something very cool
for kicking off this NEW YEAR –but more than that, it’s really a strategy for
getting what you WANT out of this year, (this decade)… recently, I attended a
seminar about GOAL SETTING and the focus of the message was to “PLAN WITH THE
END IN MIND”… have you ever heard that? the cool thing about it… is that by
planning WHERE you want to end up… you harness the power of your sub conscious
mind that will be looking for opportunities and relationships that will get you
what you WANT!  This whole concept
is totally proven and blah blah blah… but I want to give it a try for myself…
so really, I have put this whole thing together for ME, and thought that you
might want to join me on the most AMAZING journey ever.  I am sure that like me, you have found
in your life if you set your mind to something, you can pretty much do
anything! But when there are too many things to juggle, too many distractions
or obligations that press on you, it’s so easy to loose sight of what you
really want! Or what you set out to do.


So before you go with the whole : “I am just not a
goal-setter” or “I hate new years resolutions- I just break them
anyway”….consider thinking of the whole thing back to front:   PLAN WITH THE END IN MIND.


I have created the first piece of this puzzle in the form of
a 8 ½ x 11 PDF printable that is available NOW HERE for FREE at www.houseof3.com.   You are welcome to GO there and grab it! take a look
at it and start thinking…


*of course, these pages are part of a much (much) bigger
project that I will be posting and revealing on January 6th during
my LIVE webcast at 7pm MST (that is next Wednesday).  I am planning some amazing stuff for that night, (guests…prizes…gifts…sneak peeks! ETC ETC) so PLAN on
joining us! I will be sharing more info as we get closer… but I am giddy


SO… RIGHT NOW… go and get yourself this freebie and start

***print it out on whatever you want… cardstock, printed paper… ledger paper…whatever you like… but something you can write on and fill it in!!

Think about THIS:


  1. what
    are the AREAS of your life that you want to pay special attention? Just
    concentrate on the categories of YOU that you care about !


I find that I have so many things that I want to focus my
energy on, and they are all important…so I want to make a plan for EACH of
these categories…

To get your mind going…I’ll share what my categories are:

Again… let me remind you that we aren’t setting GOALS, we
are just DEFINING the areas that we care about in our lives:

Ok… for me (in no particular order):

            time management

            Eric and Me

daily exercise

spiritual growth

healthy meals

family fun

house of 3



saving $$


Ok, so on the
PDF, on the right side are a bunch of circles…


notice how they overlap and work
together… you can fill in your AREAS into these circles. If you don’t have 10…
or 9 or 5 it doesn’t matter… you can add, share, whatever… you can use stamps,
or write or whatever you want to do to fill it in !! this is up to you…


  1. now, in each of these areas… think about
    where you want to be in a year from now in each area
    … don’t worry about
    HOW you will do that SPECIFICALLY (we'll get to that).  just decide what you WANT!  (and yes, what you WANT is
    YOU are happy, fulfilled and productive…you will bless those around you in
    amazing ways)


on the RIGHT side
of the PDF, you will see numbers from 1 to 10… these are your TOP TEN for
2010!! More specifically, it’s where you want to be in these areas next year at
this time.

ideas: *

      *where did you

      *how many new
recipes did you try

      *how many
scrapbook projects did you complete

      *how much money
is in your savings acct

      *how many miles
did you run or ride

      *how many books
did you read

(in this part,
imagine that it’s already been a year, and you are listing your


this feels a
little weird at first, but TRY IT! I promse… it will be amazing.



We are still not
setting SPECIFIC goals (yet) … but instead we are determining WHERE we’ll be in a

Of course… if
you’d like… you could extend this 10 years, 20…even 50 years. (this is a lot to
think about)…..

But it makes

“how can you get
anywhere if you don’t know where you are going?”


alright… you have
a few days…




2010 is going to
be ………….simply amazing.

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