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QR codes

QR codes


Ok, today is TUESDAY… so I am going to share my ‘techy’ tip…  I love this! First time I saw this was in the Target Christmas ad- and there were all these ugly square looking things- that were totally distracting me from the visual look of the ad- do you know what I am talking about? They are called “QR codes”. Or  “Quick Response” codes– They are so cool because while they can be read by bar code readers- they can also be read by cameras- I have been seeing them on huge billboards, on postcards and direct mail pieces, on magazine ads etc… I have also even used them as a paper-less way to check in at the airport- the photo above has a QR code in the bottom left of this Tostitos ad-

If you have a smart phone, you can download an app that will read these- when the camera focus on the image- it reads it, and shoots you directly to it’s web page- it’s SO cool! I can think of like a million different ways to use this technology! (because I think that it’s hard to remember long web addresses etc.)- it's a cool way to link instructions for a project, or a youtube video showing more info! maybe entering a contest, or even just a webpage to buy a product being advertised, or getting a special offer!

I used this idea on my ‘Blossom Couture’ business cards and it automatically makes it an interactive piece that is fun to use! 


I use an app called “i-nigma 4"… it's free. i am sure there are others. so keep your eye out…they are pretty cool!

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