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Queen Bee Event

Queen Bee Event

a couple of weeks ago, i went on the best girl’s weekend ever!


i was invited by the owners of Queen Bee Market to come to a semi-annual “craft day” that they sponsor in between their boutique dates. when they told me about their concept and their location, i thought that it seemed like a great ‘getaway’ excuse for a girls road trip! the event was being held in beautiful San Diego, and i could host ANY type of craft project i wanted! when we started the planning process, there would be 50 ladies for brunch – 3 hours in and out… easy right? well… plans doubled the day Queen Bee announced the event and it sold out almost immediately. they worked to find additional catering and checked in with all of the sponsors, and next thing i knew we had 2 separate events which filled in minutes! how exciting!


i invited my dear friends Emily Waters and Libby Ferguson to join me… which also meant some prep help! we had a couple of late nights getting everything together and planned out.


i decided to SQUEEZE 3 different projects into the short time we would have together… and I really wanted participants to leave with something they could really use and love! when the ladies signed up, they had no idea what we would be creating! (i love surprises) i decided on 3 different projects…

  1. Personalized Notebook
  2. Ampersand Marquee Light
  3. Glitter a Hello Heidi Wall Art phrase “be kind”

each person would make all 3 projects at their own pace, and leave with 3 completed project! (best feeling ever!) Emily, Libby and i road tripped from SLC to SanD which is about a 12 hour drive. Emily and Libby took turns driving as i was working on the launch of my NEW Heidi Swapp website! i remember sitting in the backseat writing blog posts and answering emails the whole drive! i love how technology allows you to get stuff done!


the morning of the event, we arrived to the most breathtaking scene! we were inside a building that will soon become a new restaurant… @monikergeneral.  the florists,  @trendee_flowers, catering @cl_cateringdecor and creative sponsors were already on hand getting everything set up.


the florist did the most amazing work! i was in LOVE with the lightbulbs she placed in the arrangements on the tables! dreamy!


i was crushing on this temporary window treatment the whole time!


i sent the letters to spell out “Queen Bee” in my new 10″ Marquee alphabet along with gold glitter paper… they looked so beautiful in the windows!


Michelle from @polkadotwhimsy created these hand made name tags for each attendee…


i had never seen this… “baked donuts”… and they were delicious! but their beautiful display was just as inspiring! i just LOVE everything about this! @homebakeshopll


can you even believe these amazing COOKIES?? these had me in AWE! made by @natsweets


LOOK at those  cookies!? these blew me away! and they were delish too!


while all of the sponsors worked in a frenzy to beautify the space, and make everything perfect… we were setting up 3 creative stations!  first we had large glitter bins, which make it SO easy to quickly cover my Hello Heidi Wall Art “be kind” words. they look amazing covered in glitter!


next we brought a Minc Machine, a laptop and a laser printer…


everyone chose a phrase for the front of their own customized notebook! we compiled notebook kits with chipboard and papers, all pre-punched with the Cinch.


everyone covered their notebooks with the printed and foiled covers, as well as paper from my Memory Planner 12×12 paper pad, before using the ‘heidi swapp’ cinch to bind them.



it was a FRENZY of activity during each event!


just look at these gorgeous faces and beautiful “be kinds”!! i loved these interactions!


the 10″ Marquee ampersands will look just fabulous EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE! so some painted them… some put paper inside! some added glitter! but they were ALL shining bright! these are SUPER easy to DIY, and they look awesome!


standing in front of a group of creative people and makers is the best. as usual, i felt so many instant connections as we all gathered! there’s just nothing better than a group of women gathered to create! i am so thankful for the time with the girls… for the creative rejuvenation that i gained during this weekend! if you want to see more pics… check out the hashtag #queenbeecraftnight on instagram! SO much fun to see everyone’s gorgeous captures from the day! i can’t even thank Alex enough from @alexclarkphoto for ALL of these AMAZING photos! i took a bunch, and these totally were so much more beautiful! (you are a magician!)


thank you so much to the ladies at Queen Bee Market!  i am so grateful that there are people in this world who love to bring other people together! just for the sole purpose of DOING it! because it’s wonderful, and it spreads so much goodness! i am so happy i got to be a part of this beautiful, fabulous day!

Emily, Libby and i took the long road home via Palm Springs.. you can see snip its of our adventure on my instagram @heidiswapp … we thought we were on the wrong road as we found ourselves in the middle of NOWHERE! but turns out this really is the “short cut” from Palm to Vegas… in case you were wondering!  spending a few hours in a car, laughing and chatting and eating CANDY is just good for the soul! thank you to my lovely besties! until next time!


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