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quick catch up…

quick catch up…

ok… the last week has been a blur, and here it is again: WEDNESDAY… i am hosting with my injured finger, so hopefully everything will go smooth!

SO… i have left everyone hanging on my last weeks giveaway!!! the winner of a FLOWER of your choice from "Blossom Couture" is:

We will be giving out nerds, laffy taffy, chewy lemonheads, sweettarts, skittles, gobstoppers, gummi lifesavers, butterscotch candies, sourpatch, twizzlers, etc. We love candy and choose what we love to eat. lol Thanks for the chance to win that awesome kit and those flowers are incredible!

Posted by: Shay | October 21, 2010 at 08:23 AM

SHAY… email me here… QUICK! so i can get your stuff to you… send me your address

OK… so TONIGHT, we are showing off our newest collection at www.Houseof3.com : Daily Gratitude! Of course.. just in time for Thanksgiving… (yea, i know- it's an American holiday- but it's always time to be grateful!)   there are gorgeous backgrounds, and a printable kit that has a banner printable, strips (that are a little different from the backgrounds) and a gorgeous elements page… 

and … we have been asked and asked for another monogram kit, and Rhonna outdid herself… these are totally fantastic!! Ornate letters.. you get 2 of each letter, great for mixing and matching- and they come as a printable PDF version… and also a brush kit! WOO HOO! love love… did you see what Janet did already!? so easy:

Blessed1i have been working on a fun Hybrid project- well….2 projects to show you tonight… so we'll see how it goes w/ my bad finger!!

Tonight projecti cut up this cool portfolio that i got from Ikea… it's called the Kassett…  it does require using a sharp object, which i now need a dr's note to do… (LOL) so we'll see how it goes!! i checked on the ikea website, and they aren't avail on the online site- you have to get in the store.. but now they are only 2.99 for 2, and they are closing them out. there was a tag on them that said: "last chance" ack!

Kassettas you can see, i was happily mixing the Parisian Anthology with the new backgrounds, as well as some stuff from the Fall Junque Collection… 

so, join in the fun! it's tonight… at 8pm Mountain time… that is 7pm on the Pac coast, and 10pm out east! see you in a couple hours… click here to link to the show site!

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