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quick catch up

quick catch up

made it to San Juan Puerto Rico this evening- flew all day…  had quite a few things that i needed to wrap up before i left, and admittedly, left a few things un-done, feels like it never ends!
but i did have to get my garden planted! i had some help from Val and Lorinda Hymas (my sister's in-laws)… huge thanks to them! brought me plants from their greenhouse, and tauht me how to set up a drip system for the area, as well as securing some black plastic over the top, that would help the soil stay moist… check out how cute!
Drips  Me Drips1

so, i have tomatoes, cilantro, zuchini, squash, cucmber, carrots, beans, — i am so excited!!! yipee!!


Tonight we went back to Marmelade, which is the restaurant that we went when i was here back in November! and it was even MORE amazing this go around. i loved it so much! and i am so thankful that we got to go- i was really talking it up… everyone loved it just as much! it was fun to have such a relaxing and delicious dinner!

Post dinner

i snapped this photo of us from our balcony – you can see much, and it's totally dark, but it's so beautiful here! and i love the nice warmth! ready for some relaxing tomorrow!

when we got back to the hotel, all the windows were totally steamy- it's really warm and humid- so i got mr. tim to take a photo with me!  i heard all about the classes both Tim and Ashley are teaching- and it is going to awesome for those that are coming!


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