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I became acquainted with the folks at “Random Acts” several months ago when I got a call and was invited to come and be a part of a future episode that would be airing sometime in the Spring 2017.


I can’t give away  the details yet (not until May), but I had the best time doing the show and since then, I have become the biggest fan! If you have never heard of it, “Random Acts” is a TV show that is produced by BYUtv.  I think that the best way to describe it is:  “a kind prank, hidden camera” show; think “punked” but for the nicest reasons! This is one of those shows that will absolutely make you laugh and cry at the SAME TIME, and probably even inspire you to do your very own random acts of kindness. The 2nd season started last night (4/3/17) with the episode “unforeseena ballerina” that makes the ultimate dream of a little girl  come true….dancing with Ballet West (Utah’s premier ballet company). It airs on the BYUtv channel at 7:30pm on Monday nights, but I didn’t sit down to watch until almost midnight last night, and was able to watch on the “Random Acts” website. It was so good. You have to go watch it. Heart melting.

Because I was part of this second season, I was also invited to be a part of their online campaign to share good and do good! Each week Random Acts is partnering with a different artist/blogger to giveaway a FREEBIE printable as well as an opportunity to WIN a really cool prize… not just for YOU, but also for a friend! (because that is nicer!)

When you watch the show, you can’t help but kinda catch the bug of wanting to do something nice for someone! So I wanted to create a card that you could give to  anyone for NO REASON AT ALL! It’s pretty much just a “I love you and I think you are awesome” card.HS_randomacts9I asked one of the graphic artists on my team, Lauren Waltman, if I could use some of her gorgeous water colored flowers, and combined them with one of my favorite sayings, “the world is more beautiful with you in it”.HS_randomacts11

All you have to do is download the card for free HERE, print it on a piece of white cardstock, trim where the little cut marks are, fold and write a nice little note inside! (i used my super cute WeRMemoryKeepers Typecast Typewriter) How you deliver it is up to you! maybe it’s the good old-fashioned snail mail approach? Maybe it’s with some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?HS_randomacts7

Maybe it just finds it’s way into someone’s purse, backpack or left on the windshield of the car! As you think about these possibilities, I bet a name has popped into your head!HS_randomacts10

Maybe that person could use a little reminder of how much beauty they add to the world! (well, who doesn’t need that reminder?)

We have also teamed up to make someone’s day by winning this fabulous Letterboard GIVEAWAY!


And by the way, when you win, SO DOES YOUR FAVORITE PERSON! My new collection of Letterboard stuff turns your words into ART in just minutes! In fact, I used the very sentiment from today’s printable on the Letterboard for my office!


The winners will receive my new 16”x20” letterboard, along with all 3 sizes of the PINK letter sets: ½”, 1” and 2” (they also include numbers and punctuation); as well as the PINK word set (comes with 8 handwritten words plus the hand drawn heart)! The whole bundle is worth over $100! You can enter in a bunch of different ways, and the more ways you enter, the more chances you will have to win! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE LETTERBOARD GIVEAWAY!


Round up your people and watch the “Random Acts” show together every week! it’s so nice to watch such feel-good stuff!  you can also find another one of my kids’ favorite shows on BYUtv called “Studio C” – is a comedic sketch style show, and it’s freaking hilarious!  Anyway… i should also mention that BYUtv  has an app that allows you to watch all their shows as well!  SO, if you miss it when it airs – catch it on the website or the app.   You can also follow the show on Instagram @randomactstv … i hope that you will take a minute to make someone’s day! share the LOVE!


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