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random saturday stuff

random saturday stuff

i am not sure how much longer I can be blaming things on jet lag…things like strange sleeping and eating patterns, and lack of motivation to exercise. i am just craving ‘normal life’… which brings up the question: what is normal?
NORMAL to me is pancakes and smoothies for breakfast…
When we first came to Beijing, even that was a major endeavor… Some time ago, on one of my trips back to the states, I bought this ‘griddler gourmet’ at Costco… it changed everything! Made it easy to cook pancakes, grilled cheese and grilled chicken-all staples in our diet. It has griddle trays, and then you can change them out for grill trays, kinda like a Forman grill. So great. The only hang up was that it was the US voltage.. not here. so we had to get a huge transformer that we keep in the kitchen to use w/ our US appliances.
We used to make smoothies at home all the time (in Arizona)… but we didn’t bring a blender with us, and they aren’t really for sale here. so some friends of us left last june, and offered to sell us their super-duper-serious-commercial grade blender. We have LOVED it! it’s seriously so awesome. We LOVE to make smoothies that would give any of those juice places a run for their money. Eric came up with a plan to buy fruit, cut it up in chunks and pieces and freeze them. In the morning we just throw yogurt, fruit jucie-whatever kind-and frozen fruit. It’s so awesome, and makes me so happy! 
Originally, we sent a bunch of pancake mix in our shipment… I thought it was at least a year supply, but we burned through it pretty fast. It was kinda the thing we asked everyone to bring when they came and visited. I have finally resigned myself to making pancakes from scratch. It’s come in really handy, and I just think it’s a good thing to know how to do! so I am sharing my recipie.. compliments of Holly MacKay:

2 c. sour milk (I use 1t. of lemon or vinegar to make it sour)
3 eggs
½ c. oil
2 C. flour
1 t. soda
2 t. baking powder
2 T. sugar
1 t. salt.
(I know, random information!)
next, I need to learn to make our own syrup.. it’s crazy expensive. I was going to buy some maple when I was home and forgot. Grrr.

so last night Eric and I went with some friends to Moguhls- one of our favorite restaurants here in Beijing. It’s a Pakistani restaurant- which usually isn’t my favorite food, but it’s really fabulous. (the best garlic Nan ever). Anyway… right by the restaurant are a bunch of really cool shops-a couple of malls… the apple store, a Nike store.. and even the place that I got my favorite Black and White coat, and where I get my hair cut. But right at the entrance of this mall,  is SUCH a fab boutique. Totally out there…and you should have seen the funky chandelier that was hanging in their window. I had my camera, but it was dark, and the chandelier was lit, and so the lighting was freaky, and if I were Karen Russell, I’d know how to deal, and I was hungry! So this is what I got, and it doesn’t even begin to do it justice. But this store has tons of stuff that is white. So, this chandelier has all kinds of white stuff hanging from an acrylic disk at the top.

IMG_3414 IMG_3413IMG_3416


There is just so much random stuff on there.. I loved it. I had to share. It looks kinda evil, but it’s cool!  These are also a couple shots I took from the window- see how they have chairs displayed behind a glass- and people have signed their names on the glass? I love that. This is a funky couch.. and I LOVE this wall w/ the white frames. Just inspiring. Now I am wishing I took more photos, cause there is a lamp that is a sculpture of a FULL SIZE horse, -the lamp is just popping out of the head. Its’ freaky-cool. Just random. sorry the photos are not better!!
Connor, Capri and Quincy are all sick-with little fevers and colds. So we have been laying low today. thankfully! Watching A LOT of  YO GABBA GABBA (I secretly LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba)
I did just post another ‘behind the scenes’ segment on the House of 3 website. You can catch an insider look into the snowy photo shoot that we did for Hof3. As well as read some interesting insight from the photographers. I created a fun FLIP video… do you have a ‘flip’? dang fun. you need one! i so wish i had a pink one!

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