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re-colorizing stuff

re-colorizing stuff

so i had a clock, frames, jars, bowls and drawers that needed a facelift…i sprayed everything in sight!

Alarmclocki transformed the clock with matte black spray… and the dawers with a color called "watermelon"

Drawers who would have thought you could spray paint glass bowls? this little pink bowl is so cute, and i like to keep my MOST used stamps in there- easy access… and so i kept the inside pink, but  sprayed the outside the perfect 'sea mist' color!
StampbowlLamp jar

i painted the lid to the jar the same color as the drawers… the glass plate there to the left, i bought in New York like 7 years ago- and it's been in a drawer for the last 2 years… i LOVE it, and was so excited when i remembered it, and found it, and it was the perfect color!

Ehframes this oval frame was black, and i had put gold 'rub n buff' on it the last time it had a home- so i sprayed it white, and added touches of turquoise paint…  the sheves definately became a showcase of some of my favorite things- my New York City snow globe became a book end… i love it there!


the lamp was the last thing i bought… i debated back and forth, and tried to make several lamps that i already had work… but i was in LOVE with the square shape of the black shade… and turns out, the swirly pattern was just the perfect touch. love it. got it for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. woot!

these colors are making me so happy! ok… i think that i have kept you in suspense long enough… i'll show off the final result tomorrow! i need to photograph it all put together!

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