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ready for halloween!?!

ready for halloween!?!

check this out … now THIS is a FRIDAY NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA!!

huge thanks to Canvas Corp, and BAZZILL for this amazing project… it's a countdown to Halloween!! and you know how i LOVE halloween! i was totally so excited about this!! Friday Night we like to have a fun project to do, but people are TIRED! so… we only did a few parts of this bad boy… and we kicked it off with a little Halloween inspiration! 

are you on Pinterest? i am an addict… and really, there are only 2 kinds of people-

1. people who don't KNOW about Pinterest

2. people who are addicted to Pinterest!


what is Pinterest, you ask? (you are a #1?)… well… holy cow, you have to go and check it out! it's this totally amazing, mind blowing universe of creative ideas, inspiration and SHARING! so… it's social media driven… so you follow people, and find friends etc etc…  when you get an account, you start your own boards and start 'pinning' things you love- then other people see what you pin, and if they like it, they may pin it toO!! and you can 'like' it — here's the magic: when you pin something, the pin will link you right back to where the image was originally posted! so, you can always have access when you need it! i mean, there has never been a place to organize and catalog all your creative ideas, and inspirations until this! it's sooo awesome!

ok, anyway- so i was talking about halloween and finding halloween inspriation on Pinterest… and i gathered up a bunch of ideas! now.. these are the images i showed off on Friday night…now, i am just sharing the images- if you would like to find out more about the HOW-TO's on these… go to Pinterest, and search my name! you will be able to find my boards (and you can follow them) and you can see ALL My halloween inspirations!

as i mentioned on Friday Night, the reason that i LOVE Halloween SO MUCH is that you aren't judged on your cooking skills! (i am just not a great cook!)

this is a great thing to get started right at the beginning of the month!! how cute… surely these are made from Bazzill Cardstock!
ok, i loooove these candles- if you have seen my candle heat transfer ideas… these are so awesome! and so easy to make.

Candy kabob i am in love with this idea! i love anything 'on a stick!'

Glittery pumpkins

lacy hose anyone?
Lace pumpkin

talk about EASY and fuN!… kids would love to play along fiding stuff to hang on the branches
are you having a party?! why not! so much fun!!! people LOVE a REASON to dress up!!


ok, here is a good 'short cut'  for the pumpkin decorating!

Pumpkin masks

alright… i saw a kit for this a michaels… just sayin:
Test tubes

so cute and EASY!

Spiders i can't resist these stunning little mini bags

tulle wreath looks super easy, cheap and festive!
Tulle wreath

and these little hershey's bats are SO cute and SO clever! great use of the googly eyes! Bat

doesn't this look heavenly!? might try it out.
Pumpkin roll

so… here is a quick shot of me in my awesome witch costume!! honestly- take a wig, glue a feather boa to a $5 witch hat. add some sparkly stuff from the 1$ bin at michaels…put on some black boots and splurge on some silly socks! i LOVE to dress up! and it kinda freaks people out, catches them off guard!  i like it to be kinda scary, but pick a theme and have fun! anything goes for halloweeN! i love it.

ok, my camera had a glitch yesterday when i was trying to photograph all my CE goodies! sooo, i need to pick it up today, and hopefully can post the fun stuff i came home with tomorrow!

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