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reality check

reality check


you know how you just go along, and life is crazy, busy- and your day in and day out feels like a bit of a treadmil… the laundry is never ending, the dishes are dirty just as soon as they are clean! the kids are eating food as fast as i can buy it, and the minute i get home from taking a kid one place, someone else needs to go somewhere else! and then you have those moments that you realize – holy cow, life HAS changed. kids HAVE grown.

the boys have been telling me that they are 'gaining' on me (height wise). both of their feet are larger than mine, and both of them are rocking 'middle school' this year. hard to believe! buying deodorant and cologne… pants and shorts in the MENS department …… it's amazing to watch these boys transform into young men, literally right before my eyes. 

BTW: just for the RECORD> Cory is officially taller than Colton. there: documented. 

NOTE: after this photo was taken, Colton has eaten his vegtables every night. 

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