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really quick

really quick

one thing you can be sure of with the LIVE show.. and that is you just never really know how it will go! we had a few technical dificluties! we lost a light. had a weird demo version of ustream and even totally lost our internet at one point! i mean… c'mon!  reguardless everyone had a good time! everyone had a blast visiting wtih each other again…and it's just FUN! it really is!  I will have a full recap with photos of some of the projects that i shared… but for now, some of you have started to watch the recorded version– so let me be sure that i point you to the right place to find the goods!

1. Really Cool unique holiday cards. 3 in the kit. Crazy for only $2.59

Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 1.40.11 AM

2. crank it out in under an hour mini-tag book!



1220 printable pages, plus a page-by-page, step-by-step photographic instructions included!  all for only $13 while this little beauty is on sale! this book is SO cute- as much fun to make as it is to look through. full of tons of little peek a boos…

also, the book kit includes a bonus of 6 package labels:

Labelsmore images to come tomorrow!

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