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Last night after the show was over, Rhonna said to me, “I
just hope people will TRY using brushes…I have never had anyone say –I tried
the brushes and didn’t like them”… which is soo totally true! ANYONE and
EVERYONE that has tried using brushes has been excited and amazed! It’s a
thrill!! Janet and I were laughing because we didn’t feel like we were paying
very good attention to the chat because we were both enthralled with what
Rhonna was actually teaching! I was totally learning stuff! LUCKILY, we had the
fabulous Jessica Sprauge on hand moderating! And she did such an awesome job
answering all the questions that I had NO IDEA how to answer!! THANK YOU

  I have just
downloaded the class, and can’t wait to watch it!  it’s so fun to have Rhonna around. She is just a little
firecracker! and a delight! We had some technical issues arise, and she just
went w/ the flow and we figured it out! she is inspiring as a person as much as
she is inspiring as an artist, and I feel privileged to know her, let alone
work w/ her!


I fell asleep watching my recorded American Idol… so I
didn’t get the links posted last night… so here you go: (we talked about LOTS
of things!)


  1. The
    MAGICAL BRUSH SET w/ 109 brushes… the special price ends today
  2. The 40
    minute class w/ Rhonna- DIGITAL DESIGN class-special price ends today
  3. If you
    are NEW to digi stuff, Jessica Sprauge has offered 20% off her classes for
    our House of 3 friends! 

She suggested:

Basic Digital Scrapbooking

Basic Photo Editing

The code to get that fab deal is: 45BQG34 and ends April 10!


  1. Wacom donated a tablet that we
    were able to give away last night! If you want more info on the tablet..
    you can go here!
  2. Go to Rhonna's blog for some additional links that she shared!
  3. Here is the link to the archived
    show if you missed it last night!

we just set up
a ‘formspring forum’ for House of 3. It’s basically a way for people to ask us
questions and when we answer them, everyone can read them and hopefully it will
benefit everyone! so if you have any questions… let us know!

so …

i think that my favorite part of the show… was at the moment that Rhonna talked about how much she loves sharing her 'secrets'…to me, i look at what she does sometimes and just think- man, HOW does she do that??? and most people would want to keep their tricks and secrets to themselves! so they can be fabulous and stand out alone!…….but Rhonna believes that creativity is a GIFT to be shared… and she also believes that the more you share it, the more it comes back to yoU! i learned so much last night, and it was just a thrill to me! it's empowering and exciting! check it out!

i get to find out if we are getting a new NIECE or a new NEPHEW today.. and i am so excited! it's exciting to know there will be a new baby in the family (and that it's not mine!!) LOL

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