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I am feeling very relieved. At the moment: Capri is sleeping
soundly, the nurse gave me a warmed blanket, AND I have the reclining chair
because there is not another family staying in the room with us right now.
Pretty good.

The resident just came in and went over the whole surgery
with us- he showed us the CT scan and we got to see just how large this
‘abscess’ area was and how it was affecting the arteries and veins around it, as
well as her little airway.  They
were able to drain quite a bit of fluid (yucky pus stuff) from the abscess
(about 10cc if you know that that is ) which he said was quite a bit. She was
pretty unhappy coming out of the anesthesia, but got some pain meds and conked
out. we’ll still be here for another day to make sure that we get all the
infection and that it doesn’t come back.

I think that the hospital and volunteer staff are amazing!
There is SO much going on here- it’s really and awesome facility. I have been
amazed at how many people volunteer here for all kinds of reasons. I remember
volunteering at the hospital when I was in High School- it was an awesome
experience for me.  anyway, Capri
LOVES the playroom. Kids just love different toys to play with. she especially
loves the kitchen toys.


This morning, the volunteers had an event for the kids where
they could come down to the lobby of the 3rd floor, and create a
little ‘frame’ for a craft (I thought they were pretty ambitious with glitter
and paints and kids under 3)…


THEN a special friend came to visit all the kids:
MICKEY MOUSE. And it was like the REAL Mickey Mouse… who had like a real Disney
escort and everything. They gave each kid a stuffed mickey, and they loved it!!


not the best photos, and i don't really have the patience to edit them… i

I am going to try to catch a few zzzz’s…

I can’t thank you all enough for all the 100’s of little
prayers being said in our behalf. We feel SO blessed , and thankful!


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