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I feel like I have been in hyper-sleep! I got 12+ hours last night after I went to bed with Capri, and woke up at 7am to a fabulously beautiful new day. it’s been muggy and cloudy/hazy/gunky since I got back, and only today have we seen blue skies…we lucked out cause we were planning a little hike up the backside of one of the wall sites. Eric got out for a long mtn.bike ride, as he is training for a 2 day mtn. bike race in Mongolia in a few weeks… and came home just in time to head out again! I have never lived in this type of hot, humid climate. It’s just heavy. I feel like I am sweating and overheating all the time! (I think I am partial to the ‘dry’ AZ heat! smirk…) the trail was one that is used by locals to guide tourists by horseback up to the wall. It was a perfect length and difficulty level for us.  We got all the way up there, and realized we only brought one baby back pack, so Capri got a little taste of hiking as well! she loved it. I can’t believe how lush and green it is here. Almost tropical.  Yesterday afternoon we went to our first movie here… turns out there is a really nice (nice) theatre not too far from our house and we saw ‘kung fu panda’ (in English even- they have English and Chinese showings) Cory and I had seen it in AZ last week, and loved it! so we were so excited to take everyone else to the show. It’s a thumbs-up from us!Stack

so I have this huge stack of photos…it’s just been sitting on my shelf. Not organized, or even categorized… just sitting there. taunting me. SO, I have accepted the challenge. I am going to scrapbook all these photos. some are from before we got here, and some are since. If you look closely, you might see something you have never seen before! (but i am not admitting anythingi yet) i’ll start off with one from tonight: ‘capture capri’. i love photocorners. i love to use them to set off individual photos. even if it’s just one or 2 corners. this is almost all from my recent ‘carefree’ line.  The photo is not great. I will do a better job of photographing them! I finally got all the right converters and adapters and transformers for my photo lights… that is good news! What a pain! 
I am working on one other layout tonight.. we’ll see how far it gets. Chuckle…it’s from photos we took today- so not exactly within the ‘stack of photos’ challenge… but still on the right track. Stay tuned!
by the way… i saw something very cool today! i was impressed… see it here:
jen lowe’s blog
i think just looking at what she did made me want to pull something this shade of blue out and PLAY ALONG! thanks for inspiring me today JEN! smile…! look for a little something from me in the mail!

if anyone else has something to inspire me with… i’d love to see it! email me!!! just look at that stack of photos… i need all the inspiration i can get! (ANYTHING!)

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