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right now…

right now…

I am feeling frustrated tonight as I just downloaded 233 photos from my camera to my computer, and realized that so much has been going on that I don’t have time to fill you in on. sigh. it’s Monday night, and over the weekend we went with our church group up to a portion of the wall about 2 hours away. We stayed in a really amazing, cute, quaint, fabulous, Chinese-y hotel right by the wall. The views and mountains around were just spectacular. Img_9238

The resort accommodated our huge group that was more than half kids, and delivered comfortable rooms, great food, and above all fabulous memories. So fun! Saturday we hiked. Eric had gone up Img_9314
the night before with the 11-yr-old scouts to actually sleep in one of the guard towers on the wall. Then we met up on sat. Sunday morning we woke up and had our church service (sacrament meeting) right there. it was awesome, and inspiring. So thankful for those cool experiences, and cherished relationships with friends here..

Sunday night also marked the beginning of the Scrapmap ‘heidi swapp china tour 2008’. Everyone arrived in the afternoon, and I met with the group and had a kickoff dinner.Img_9386

This morning, we started off with a trip to Img_9392
Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Followed by an afternoon at the ‘silk market’… (or knock off market), where you bargain with people for the ‘best price’. It was really cute, as we were walking through and I was showing people where to find what, one of the ladies on the tour said “if you ask my husband, he would say this is the REAL forbidden city”… ha ha. Shopping was followed with a delicious dinner at a dumpling house. WOW goodImg_9416
. at the moment, they are in the hotel lobby being measured, and picking out  fabrics for custom made jackets, suits and the like with the on-site tailor! 
The tour is full of such cool people from ALL OVER! what an absolute perfect week to come tour beijing!! the week in between the end of the paralympics and the beginning of the Chinese National holiday week. We are having a great time! spectacular. (and this was just day 1)

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