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sale items…

sale items…

i feel like i am starting my week out feeling behind… which is never a good feeling for a monday! this is a big week… and not just because it's Christmas week…  This week (tomorrow to be exact)… is our 16 year wedding anniversary! 16 years ago, Eric got his very best birthday present… as he woke up with ME! on the day after our wedding… yes- his birthday is the day after our anniversary! and just so happens, that this year is a biggie.. the big 4-OH! all the sudden, i am married to an old man! (wink… i am not far behind).  Just ONE of those events would have me stepping it up, but topped off with Christmas…my head is boggled. and in addition, as i have mentioned… we are moving. yea- just a local move. by now, i should be able to do it in my sleep! (i am sure i will be 1/2 asleep!) SO, if it sounds like i am whining… well- i am!

over the weekend, i gathered together a bunch of stuff that i didn't want to haul off again, and sold it to a few locals! i was able to get rid of most of it… and the remaining, i consolidated it into a few things- and if you are interested… you can check it out:


i had a BUNCH of just random extra stuff…paper, stamps, inks, embellishments… some even full packages of stuff. i took it all and split it pretty evenly in 4 different boxes. they are full and heavy boxes- i didn't try to photograph everything… so it will be a "surprise box"… and as i said, there are only 4 available.   i am charging $25+shipping. i can't figure out the shipping until i know where we are shipping to… so just know that we'll coordinate to get the shipping amount before we ship it. You can buy them HERE.

ok, i am not really sure where these came from- but i have this HUGE bag of ghost wings… i have no clue how many wings there are… but i don't have the patience to break it into smaller bags… so maybe someone wants to buy it, and do just that! i do love these wings.

ok, so i have taught a few classes with these stamps. – the set has some good stuff.. if you don't already have them! 2 alpha sets, wings, crowns, smile and play. when you buy this set, i will come in a flat rate envelope with some distress inks and cut and dry foam… $5.00 and there are like 9 to go around. SO.. that is about all i have left.

now i am going to be up all night finishing my Christmas Card! turned out CUTE! and, it's a little clever… i must admit.


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