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scrapfest was amazing!

scrapfest was amazing!

Welcome MONDAY, I am so happy to have a BRAND new week! whew… last week was such a WHIRLWIND of packing, unpacking, preparing, packing and having an amazing weekend at Archivers Scrapfest!

Archivers is the largest scrapbook chain store…with 40+ locations, and they just do an amazing job of inspiring and educating and pulling off a HUGE annual event at the one and only, Mall of America in Minnesota! This is only my 3rd year attending, but it was their 10th Anniversary, and they have this thing down to a science!

Attendees come from ALL OVER, and I can’t even venture a guest as to how many there are… but it is in the 1,000’s!  Tons of classes, demos, crops, and make n takes are going on simultaneously all over the mall! In fact, my schedule was back to back to back and I was on the run from start to finish!! The Whole place is just SUPER charged with creative and happy energy! It’s so much fuN!

I compiled some of the photos that I snapped! I wish I would have captured more of what goes on! but i was just SO crazy busy!

  1. My dear friend Emily Waters accompanied me as I represented both my brand as well as taught classes for Pink Paislee
  2. This is the cutie watch that Emily brought me after chasing around to multiple targets to find! it’s my current favorite color for sure!
  3. I stole a couple minutes to pick up gifts for my kiddos at TYPO- an Australian shop that I had never seen before but it was just FULL of gorgeous items! It was total eye candy!
  4. This is one of the gifts I grabbed from TYPO – I had to laugh cause this is totally what my boys say all the time! “boss” means: COOL!
  5. After a full day of classes and demos, Emily and I hosted a Crop Friday evening! We wanted to create a fun, yummy Crop! I Yudu-ed some aprons and T-shirts for us to wear
  6. Our T-shirts said “sprinkle it with Fabulous” which is the saying you will find on lots of my products!  I used my Yudu, and silver glitter to make these fun ‘uniforms’ for the night!
  7. Attendees to our crop got a bag full of Pink Paislee and Heidi Swapp prizes, and I got to teach a little mini-file make-n-take
  8. These t-shirts were a big, sparkly HIT!
  9. We decided to create a ‘donut hole’ bar complete with pink and chocolate frosting, and sprinkles in every variety!
  10. We arranged to have donut holes delivered to the Archivers store, and with a little coordination, there was a lot of sprinkling!
  11. Aren’t they cute! What a fun party idea!
  12. Scored a big new flower right at the Jcrew in the mall! I just LOVE this bright PINK chiffon flower!
  13. This is a SMALL peek at scrappers as they lined up to make mini-projects from tons of fabulous manufacturers
  14. These are my girls in the Bazzill booth… Joey, Margie and Mona. It’s so fun to catch up with industry friends and familiar faces in the worlds largest MALL!! It’s a PARTY!!

This show also happened to be the debut  of my NEW lines of products… NEW COLOR SHINE, brand new MEMORY FILES and Vintage Chic… it was an absolute thrill for me to be there as the new product was making it’s first appearance and everyone was so excited! I got to share the MAGIC of Color Shine + Color Magic … the mixing of colors, and revealing of the gorgeous patters! I love to surprise people with that color pop!

I also got the chance to teach all about Memory Files; I just loved sharing my ideas and philosophy for getting SO MANY MORE photos into on project by adding and creating interactive pieces into the Memory File projects. Seeing everyone get so excited what such an amazing feeling. I love to share my ideas, and the classes were just so much fun to teach!

Sending huge hugs to EVERY SINGLE Archivers staff member at the event. Despite surely being exhausted, every one of them had a bright smile, and was willing to help in any way! Every single class went smoothly, boxes in place, kits unpacked and passed out, and offered full scale support to every person in class, including myself. They are a class act. I can’t imagine all the moving parts, and it was executed like a well-oiled machine! I can’t thank them enough for working like crazy to re-stock, re-order, and respond !! THANKS to all!! See you NEXT YEAR!

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