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season of giving…

season of giving…

It’s that time of year again… Christmas!! Welcome December!
I can hardly believe it! the craziness is already setting in!  wow… are we ready??

CONFESSION: (and those of you who know me already know…)
Christmas stresses me out. of course… once it finally comes down to Christmas
Eve, I have usually finally given in.. and just enjoy- but I feel like I fight
it every year. I hesitate to turn on the holiday music and usually drag my feet
putting up my decorations…I am a last minute shopper even. I think that I get
so wrapped up in the busyness that I don’t allow myself to relax. I totally
feel jealous of those ‘christmas lovers’ …It’s an issue.

About a month ago, I could feel my anxiety creeping in early
– it was actually right before Halloween and I was at Target and they were
putting CHRISTMAS décor on the shelves…I got that familiar ‘stress’ feeling-
and then and there I made a decision:


i want this year to be different!! Way different.


 … so a month
ago, I decided the change had to be inside me. I had to change how I look at
this season, and how I feel about it. so I started looking for ways to change
and opportunities to GIVE.

It was about the same time that I was re-introduced to an
organization called “Nourish the Children”… I have been using NuSkin products
for several years… and I love it all. The Scientists at NuSkin have formulated
a product that is designed SPECIFICALLY for malnourished kids- it’s like giving
them the basic carbs & protein to fill their bellies, and adding to it
vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals so their bodies will actually start to
function properly!

 Vitameal fact sheet

I have thought about this a lot… and as a mom, I just can’t
imagine not being able to feed my hungry kids. It breaks my heart, and
overwhelms me when I think about the need. so, we talked about it with our
kids- and of course… our family has seen this need up close as we lived in
China.  We decided to pool our
resources as a family and set a goal to give.

But I kept thinking… $100, or $200 is awesome…but we could
do more!

So, I decided that I wanted to create a kit full of fabulous
scrapbook stuff that I could present here on my blog, and sell… and we could
put the kits together and send them out as a family and with the proceeds buy
meals for Nourish the Children! I was so excited about it… that when I was out
to lunch with Teresa Collins a few weeks ago- I told her my plan, and Teresa
immediately volunteered to join me!


If you have ever met Teresa, or read her blog… you know that
she is truly one of the most genuinely good and warm people you will ever meet!
The first time I ever really spent any time with her was last year on the
Ultimate Cruise with ScrapMap, and ever since I have just gained a respect,
appreciation and admiration of her … Now, Teresa and I are practically twins separated
at birth as far as our design style and flair go! We both LOVE the same vibe,
and so when you combine our products…it’s like they are made to go together!

Now that I am living in SLC, I am about 10 minutes from
Teresa’s house (she has 12 and 10 year old boys just like me!) so we have been
having fun together! We sat down and had SUCH a fun and productive
brainstorming session and put together an AMAZING offering of products that
will combine into 4 FUN, fresh projects…some HOLIDAY and even some that you
will enjoy ALL YEAR!!  We’ll be
sharing photos, a couple how-to videos and the kit will include step by step
how-to’s, up close photos and directions for creating these cool projects!


Here’s what is in the kit…

NTC paper


NTC stuff




HKS mirror album

TC white bracket chipboard book covers

16 different 12×12 papers coming from my line (2 each of 6
designs), Teresa’s and Bazzill!

of Teresa’s papers are discontinued and these represent the last of her
personal stash!! Cute double sided, punch out pieces w/ holiday tags included!

Some necessary Bazzill chipboard

HKS 12” clock overlay

TC houndstooth and damask transparency papers

HKS black chipboard letters

book rings and manilla tags

Collection of jewel brads…2 large and 3 small

36” of  Tim
Holtz link chain

 HKS black
damask sticker

TC T-drops in RED (oh, so cute)

TC large clear chandelier crystal

Black ribbon

Bunch of bells…

Sprigs of glittery garland

12” of black bazzill pom pom.

Arm’s length of black Tulle

Silver crown charm

AND a cute TC clear dome ring!

a piece of necessary BIND IT ALL coil!


 …to create a very cute, very fabulous 2010 calendar…
House of 3 has donated a 2010 Calendar printable!!! (love) – you will receive
this via email link, and download it directly to your computer to PRINT!


AND as if that wasn’t enough… to top it all off…to make
everything just a little more sparkly and festive and down right SPECTACULAR…

Get this:


I have collaborated with my friends at Tattered Angels…and
together we have created a brand new Glimmer mist color… it’s VERY me. I even
got to NAME it!! It’s called Silver Sugar, and it’s a very soft grey mist with
a very silvery, sparkly glimmer!! It’s beautiful!  And Tattered Angels has donated a 1 ounce bottle for each
kit!! (it’s super-fabulous on anything black!)


this is a great zipper bag to keep stuff in…love it!!


Ok… so

This exclusive, extensive… one-of-a-kind kit is available to YOU this
week for $50 US (plus shipping). We are creating a LIMITED number of kits, and
they will be shipping via USPS on Dec. 10th  from SLC, UT.  Basically…not only is this a killer deal, a unique grouping of
STUFF, complete with ideas, instruction and inspiration… but we are donating
100% of the proceeds to feed hungry children. 


Our goal is to buy 150 bags of Vitameal that will provide a
total of 4,500 meals to children who are starving.



Email me HERE to place your order… we’ll be accepting
payment via Paypal !!

oh, and here is a little peek at just ONE of the projects  made from the kit:


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