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This morning Eric and I decided to get up at 3:30am and head over to Target…I mean, I kept watching the TV ads for “DOORBUSTERS”, and I have never gone and done that… I am not an early buyer of Christmas presents… I kinda  wait until the last minute every year… and I am usually a grump about it! So … I wanted to make some changes this year! So we knew what we wanted, and went. Man, that was a disaster! Gasp! I knew people said it was crazy, but still- it was CRAZY! So many people- you couldn’t even MOVE in the store! W o W!! we did try Kmart, and it wasn’t so bad, that we thought we could probably manage standing in line… and as I stood in the forever line, I was surfing on my phone and found everything at a better price just on Amazon! And thought… ok, this is the first and the last, and these people won’t have to compete with me in the stores! i did learn a lot from the 2 guys in front of me in line- one of the guys had just gotten out of jail- and this was his first christmas 'out'… and he was sharing all kinds of  valuable prison-survival and gang stories. i was kinda fascinated.

But really- there are some amazing deals out there! Black Friday… what a phenomenon!

Even at House of 3… 50% off EVERYTHING for the whole weekend?! Love it…

The night before Thanksgiving I broadcasted the webshow from an “undisclosed” location! We talked about some of the fun new kits for Christmas … all combined, there are TONS of different kits and projects that are avail (gasp… for 50% off)

As far as the NEW kits go… there is a fun new kit that is all in my handwriting.. this one is a brush kit ONLY! So you have to have PS or PSE

Heidi handwritten preview

For those that would rather create with the paper/scissors/ glue… I did create a TRADITIONS hybrid album kit… now- really, this could be an album or just break into scrapbook pages! I chose about 30 different typical ‘traditions’ that everyone could participate in!

i created this little book super quicky- and used a photo from our photo shoot w/ Maggie Holmes on the very front of the book… i love how it turned out- for this book, i printed all the pages- and even this photo on metallic cardstock, and i love the effect.. you can't really tell on the photo- it's for sure an "IRL" effect!

Photo 2
this is a blurry little photo, but you can see- i used a 7gypsies book- that is like a 7×6 ish, and the cut of the pages is off-center- and worked perfect for this concept…

Photo 3
i have to remember that all the photos for this book have to be portrait- and a 4×6 will fit great on that left side of the book. there is tons of room for extra photos and journaling. (i even have photos of trimming the tree alreadY)

Photo 4
the "title" elements are attached to the right 2" sides… so they overlap… but still the pages open.

Photo 5
i SO love this paper- it can be found in the "christmas cheer" backgrounds kit   So,  in this traditions kit, there are 30 tradition titles, 6 different coordinating backgrounds, and all the dates for December! I showed a couple of options for making a little book… or even scrapbook pages. The traditions are my favorite part of the season! It would be fun to have a place to put different photos over the years in the same place!


I also created a fun “gift card” kit… they are SO easy to make- each 8×11 sheet has everything you need to create the card except a piece of ribbon! There are 4 different styles in the kit- and the tops and bottoms can mix and match… so cute. I got them out for Quincy, Capri and her cousin … the girls had so much fun and made a huge crafty mess! I loved that. Perfect for teacher gifts or a cute place to tuck cash, or gift cards!…

With the 50% off I think the kit is $3! below- this kinda gives you a run down of how to create the present card- or you can see me create it in action on the webshow.. click hereInstructinosAnother great project that would be fun to make and kick off the season is the holiday countdown kit… so cute.  Be sure to check out ALL the different card ideas, and kits etc. so much to choose from!

Christmas countdown
if you want to create this fun little countdown… you need to grab 2 different kits:

1. the 1-25 numbers

2. the backer pages and instructions

here is the video i made last year to walk you through creating it… so easy! perfect to give!  or watch this link

i found this on youtube.. its' another fun variation for the countdown kit

this a good time to grab this SUPER fabulous 2011 kit… it's a printable kit … i am using this next week in my Pink Paislee Projects. so cute.


50% off means it's an excellent time to grab the "ornate alphabet kit" or the printable version  next week i'll be sharing what i did w/ this kit and CANDLES!! here is a little sneek!



and speaking of big, gorgeous flowers (click here)…  the code to get 40% off the flower pin and clips is: BLACKFRIDAY2010  (as seen above)  … and you know… you don’t have to wait until dec. 25th to give a Christmas gift! That way- girlfriends and coworkers can be wearing your gift to all the celebrations and events! so festive! AND check back to see the new "mini" sizes.. so cute… (oh, the flowers above are the "silver meadow" combo

HEY–DON'T forget that next week is a very special Parisian Anthology Webshow… Pink Paislee is offering a special kit that you can order so you can create along with us!

Pp1 as you can see above, there are 2 kit choices.. one includes the Parisian Anthology album, and the other does not.. you can order it HERE  and just to get you excited about the Parisian Anthology line- check out their blog while you are there… gorgeous stuff!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! we had a super low-key, very enjoyable day with family… and it was just right- i am so thankful for my family… for those precious and most enduring relationships. Happy Thanksgiving, and onto a very Merry HOliday SeasoN!

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