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show recap

show recap


I am going to tell you that I think that tonight was one of
my MOST favorite webshows SO FAR! And we have had some good ones, but the
bottom line is that I LOVE Halloween. Plus Rhonna was here. Plus, we were
showing off new art. Plus, I had so much fun creating with the new art. Plus…
the “happy haunting” banner just made my night!

Candle partial

So I have a few things that I can show off…first.. what is halloween w/out candles. i used some of the different art kits to create some custom candles! this image shows the candle transformation in process- this on w/ the skull on it (his name is Mr. Peabody)… is only 1/2 complete- you can see the tissue hanging out there…

Making cards 

we showed lots of kits… i had so much fun creating the cards- janet and i teamed up.. you can check the kit out HERE... i need to take some better photos

but this gives you an idea anyway- we introduced the new Phantom Backgrounds:

you will LOVE these backgrounds- much to do w/ them! and several of them are just good general use! 

Mr. peabody
this had to be my favorite thing- we talked Rhonna into making some huge wall art pieces… and she created this "canvas art kit" that is a 16×20 file size.. and there are a total of 4 mix/match elelments in the kit so you can totally customize it! THEN, the best icing on the cake was that Persnickety Prints printed the huge pieces on METALLIC photo paper- and mounted them on foam board- i mean, they are like cadillac prints! we were in LA LA LOVE! i just wish you could tell on the camera. you must take our word for it: the metallic photo paper is just fantasic!! so check them out.  i love this kit so much!

ok- so  if you are NOT a digi girl, then you can get the TREE ART already ready to go done by Rhonna as well as the Canvas art- these are 8 1/2×11 and would be great to just pop in a frame!–Persnickety will just ship right to you!
oh, and here are the 2 wallpapers for your mobile devices that you can get- 2 for one!!


SO many fun ideas tonight… these are just to hit some high points!

if you want to grab all this halloween festiveness in one easy place…

you can get the DIGITAL bundle HERE and the PRINTABLE bundle HERE

we are going to keep right on creating for Halloween.. i am finally getting around to working on getting last year's photos in a book… i used my Tattered Foil chips to create the cover:


i seriously have so many photos from last year! still not sure what i am going to be for halloween this year! been thinking! …. i have lots to do before i leave for sCrapfest tomorrow! wish me luck!

thanks to all of you that participated tonight.. we had so much fun! (as always)

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