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sick day.

sick day.

I hate being sick.
And I am really sick… dad, I even had to get out the orange hat. That is serious. Every inch of my body aches. I have blaring head pain, sinus pressure, sore throat, cough and the ‘hot/cold’. Can’t get warm, then over-heat… take off my layers, and freeze. Hurts. My ears hurt too. MAN, I AM WHINEY. It’s been going on for 3 days now, and I am wondering when it’s going to be DONE!? It’s getting ridiculous. and I have this desire to scrapbook, but I tried… I even set up the extra table, so I could sit, instead of stand-which I usually do while I create stuff. I tried 3 different sets of photos, and it was just completely fruitless. AND, it snowed today. It’s the first snow I have seen this winter… it was fun to watch… but can I tell you that I am so OVER winter. I am ready for spring! (hence my new blog banner-H of 3). So springy!
Because I was so cold, I liked sitting on my couch w/ my laptop on my lap keeping me warm. I did some surfing the internet… reading some blogs, and checking out what is new on some of my favorite sites… wondering what is going to be HOT this spring in fashion etc! I was excited when I found this… this is a style board that J Crew had on their site… it said: check out what inspired our spring collection or something like that… I LOVE this. I loved seeing their inspiration, and getting a tiny peek into their creative process. I think you can learn so much by exploring different kinds of ‘creative processes’.


And then I found a bunch of things that were totally fitting my SPRING mood! SO cute… one of the things that I really miss about being at home is just ‘inspriation shopping’… so as I felt like junk, sitting here in the snow, I found these fab pieces that got my creativity jiving!


(it's always free to look!) (saw them all at Anthropologie.com).  Do you know that Anthropologie has this cool thing called ‘spotlight’. It’s a widget that you download, and then everyday it updates with something cool from the site… of course, it’s to get you to buy, but for me.. it’s just a little inspiration on my desktop! I love it!


I also took a look through all my photos… working on a fun project for House of 3… and needed to go back through the last year for some photos… I think that all the kids have changed SO much since we have been here… and of course, the little one  have changed the most, but even Colton and Cory… this is a year ago this week.



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