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skiing in china??!

skiing in china??!

Family_photoBeing a Utah girl, it’s really hard for me to want to go skiing anywhere else. I mean, I have been completely spoiled with pristine snow, and mountain conditions my entire life, so skiing in anything less than fabulous, is just not something I am interested in! however… here in BEIJING we live about 40 minutes away from “Nanshan” a Chinese ski/board resort.  It’s pretty much all man made snow, and the mountain, well, it’s not really a mountain like we consider mountains in Utah, but pretty good for here… where the biggest hill you can find is a highway on-ramp. The boys had already been up once boarding, and totally had a blast, so we decided to all go and check it out! we had such a great time. The hills are just the perfect size for the kids…and they can cruise and do their own thing, and you can pretty much spot them from on the lift no matter where they are riding. We met up with some friends, so the boys had a pack of about 6 kids to ride with… and for quincy, it was her 3rd time skiing, so we kept an eye on her. She did SO awesome, and totally loved it. by the end of our 4 hour pass, she was looking to hit the ‘jumps’ in the terrain park, and make her way down the center of the ½ pipe. We all were able to rent gear, and go for 4 hours for about $19 each. Not a bad day! We’ll hope to get back up there again soon!




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