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slip sliding…

slip sliding…


Do you ever just buy yourself flowers? you should.
I did, and I love them. it was as good choice. they make me happy and makes everyone think it’s a special occasion! And so it becomes one… easy enough. spring is here … and I love it. tomorrow I am going to get out and photograph blossoms. I think it’s been a really long time since I have experienced spring. We don’t really have it in Arizona. And you really do appreciate the little green buds, and bright colorful flowers after months and months of deadness.  It has been so fun to go running and note the little changes each day just right around here. People are selling flowers on the street- so beautiful and happy. It is just such an ‘alive’ feeling. It was Monday- and you know I LOVE Monday- but even more do I love Monday since I have moved here, because I can have almost a FULL day of Monday- and no one that I work with is back to work until late Monday night… so it’s almost like a free day. I had such a good day of getting things cleaned up, organized, taken care of and pulled together. AND I ran. AND we had yummy grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner… I love Monday.  I have been scrapbooking- and that also puts me in a good mood. (if I like the results) and I have been playing more with my ‘world traveler’ line, and working on the photos of when the Daynes’ were just here, and it’s been fun… I even organized all the photos that I got printed out. Img_5226
(this is a first)  here is a ‘shocker’… if you have your photos organized, it makes it easier to scrapbook! (lol)…I am certainly not any authority on organization…but I have been making some efforts. I am planning on taking some photos of some of my organization solutions. (they involve Cropper Hopper brilliance). So stay tuned for that… and for some new scrapbook pages. but I need some daylight to photograph them in. I wish I felt a late night coming on, but I am SO tired.

But quick funny story- and one of those moments when as a mom… you know you shouldn’t laugh, cause what the kids are doing is totally naughty, but it’s totally hilarious and you can’t help it, and then they catch you laughing and then you totally lose all creditability trying to pull out discipline… so I am sitting in my office talking to my mom and sister on skype and I can hear that noise that comes from an aerosol can. And it was quite prolonged… like much longer than you would ever spray ANY aerosol can, no matter the contents… and as it was registering that something was suspicious, I was also trying to determine where the noise was coming from: bathroom, family room or kitchen. In a split second I narrowed it down to cooking spray, bathroom spray or pledge. I had been dusting in my office (a very rare occasion) and immediately noted the yellow can missing from my desk. I peeked out of my door, toward the noise just in time to see Cory spray just a little more pledge onto the tile floor.  For only a second, I couldn’t figure out why Cory thought we cleaned the floor w/ pledge, until I REALIZED, they were spraying the floor so they could SLIDE on it. gasp… when did they think of THAT!?!?
So I have been trying all day to wipe it up- the floors are while marble- a really smooth and already slippery tile. Nothing cleans this stuff up. I have about wiped out several times just walking on the ‘pledge zone’ and forgetting to be extra careful. So I guess I need to go in and actually use soap and something to get the slick off.  Dang kids.

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