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it's 2am.
here's what i did today:

while i returned phone calls and talked to people on 3 diff. continents i:
washed all the slip covers on the family room couches
removed all rugs and chairs from kitchen and cleaned the wood floors
scoured the stove top
cleaned the fridge inside and out
cleaned the inside of the microwave…
…all while i transferred files from iMovie to DVDs to burn and upload. PHEW.
went to Teresa's house to pick up a set of her NEW papers so i can use them for my samples….of course i knew i would love them!

realized i had a bridal shower… showered.
went. (wrecked my diet)
put kiddos to bed
got caught up making show samples w/ my new Tattered Angels products…
and now…9 SB pages later… it's 2am and the kitchen is a mess; couches are covered in coats and scarves and matchbox cars. there is chips and salsa OUT …neglected to be put away.
the laundry that i thought i'd get to… still in a big pile.
SIGH. (what's the point?!)

*********i will tell you this little tidbit… i a 100 times more creative in a clean house.
however, still…  a few things are left on my to do list! 

1. we are getting ready to announce and post the physical kit add on to the Simply Amazing kit. we finalized everything and we are only doing a limited number…when they are gone they are GONE! we'll send out a "ready, set GO" email, and give everyone fair warning.  ****thank you for your patience!
2. i also have to tell you …that the next LIVE webshow will be feAturing my newest TOY! and quite frankly, i think we can call it an obsession at this point!! SILHOUETTE!!! how amazing is that !! we have been meeting with them, and getting all ready. We'll have a special Silhouette GURU here, and you will see FIRST HAND how awesome it is, and how it works from start to finish… plus some fun projects!
we'll be GIVING ONE AWAY during the HOUR!! we'll announce the winner LIVE!! we will also be offering a sweet deal on getting yourself one of these 4.5 lb POWERHOUSES!!  
HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD!!! WED NIGHT… 7PM MST. i'll remind you all!! no worries.
that will be on Jan 13, 2010
3. Jan 20th's webcast will be the last wed before CHA, and … (drum roll please)… i will be SHOWING OFF my new line! AND…i will be demoing some techniques, and actually creating a couple scrapbook pages LIVE!
4. Jan 27th is up in the air at the moment, as i will be travelling that night.. MORE INFO TO COME!!
5. FEB 1st… is a HUGE exciting event: HOUSE OF 3 turns ONE!! it's a BIRTHDAY PARTY !! gasp, can you believe it's been a year!? it's been quite a ride..

need some rest…
wanting energy for tomorrow's to dos…YOGA!!
hey… i am 'minus 5'.. it must be working!! soon i can reclaim my wardrobe!!

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