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The last 2 days, Beijing has been blanketed by snow. I guess that WINTER is sticking around for awhile, anyway. If you live in AZ, and it never really gets totally cold, and everything doesn’t totally die, then you really never get ‘spring fever’. At least I don’t remember feeling it. but here, it’s funny how anxious I am for the weather to turn! I have even found myself pulling out my summery-spring-colored clothes. I decided that I needed something bright and springy to look at in my studio, so I created a SPRING banner! I printed all the letters out on bright fresh colors, and mounted them on to chipboard. I used some big clear beads and black ribbon to string the whole thing together.  It turned out so cute, that I made it into a hybrid project for House of 3.   I figured that I can’t be the only one that is wishing for springtime! as I was printing the letters, I also printed out a mini-version, and hung it on the fridge. Some how it’s totally brightened things up. (it's available with the background included,  or just so that you can print them out on any paper!) isn’t it crazy how the weather totally effects your mood?
Spring banner

 I am happy to be feeling much better, but it seems like the bug just keeps passing along. I think that Cory is next. Every one I talk to is either sick, or knows someone who is sick. Nothing tasted better to me than HOMEMADE chicken soup. YES, I learned how to make Chicken Noodle Soup. (ok, I didn’t make the noodles). It was so delish. And it’s so great to have a bunch of soup in the fridge that is quick to heat and serve.  If you know anyone that is SICK, I am sure they would love a HAPPY get well card! It’s nice to be ‘thought of’ while you are suffering! (check out the cutie new printable cards (and this) at H of 3…)
I was playing around with the new birdcage brushes that Rhonna created, and made this in nothing flat, it’s so cute and SO happy!
I am excited that we still have more American Idol to look forward to!! We are all so into it! it’s just a big slice of ‘americana’ that we can appreciate!  It’s really the only thing that we watch on TV.. but now, it’s really taking up a lot of time! it’s good because it really motivates the kids to get home, and get their homework done quick.

SO, as of TODAY… both Capri and Connor are climbing out of their beds all by themselves. Believe it or not, Connor figured it out first. GASP!!! What am I going to do? NONE of the older kids learned how to crawl out this early. I guess this is what having older siblings does! I can tell that bedtime is going to be a nightmare for awhile. Not to mention NAPTIME! Ugh, I am in trouble.

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