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so behind…

so behind…

man, i am behind.
and you know, i am never caught up, so i am not sure just why it's buggin me today! LOL.


i am wearing flip flops even though it's 45.

trying to decide who and where to get my hair cut cause i don't really have a trip to AZ in the works-i miss my hair dresser.

went to Paradise for lunch and got a turkey cranberry sandwich…

we have left overs ready for dinner.. so that is actually being 'ahead'.. right?

and well, i am caught up on the laundry. and that is something!

ok, been working on this blog post… and this


go and see the cute cards that Janet created in like 10 minutes! that monogram kit ROCKS!!

PS. so excited about the webshow this week! i think you will love it!

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