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this is my typing on my very own 17" macbook pro. i have been without it for 2 weeks tomorrow, and it's WAAY too long to be out a computer.the grapics card had gone bad, and so it went back to the big fix-it shop, and thanks to apple care, they replaced everything that was wrong with it! it's basically GOOD AS NEW! how awesome is that… and the frosting on this cupcake, is that my battery was so bad, wouldn't stay charged for even 25 minutes, and it really needed to be replaced, but i have had lots of things to do w/ the $150 that it costs to replace… and guess what???!!! it came back with a new battery- b/c i guess it was from a bad batch or something like that. what a pleasant surprise, and just made me so happy!!

as you can well imagine, i have MUCH to catch up on now that i have my lifeline back! i will say that i couldn't have done it without my iphone, and Eric- who shared his computer with me while mine was sick.

as much as i LOVE mondays, mine started out today with some major dental work…so i am still feeling a little numb, but not numb enough to not feel the pain that is remaining from the new filling. because i feel like i can't really FOCUS, i surfed some of my bookmarked blogs, and caught up on Rhonna's blog... you have to go and look… check out the CUTE video she made about 'Spark'… let me just tell you .. these girls have been going CRAZY getting ready for this event.. if you can make it… GO!! it will blow your mind, and FOR SURE 'spark' your creativity, and your creative soul. i am SOO sad that i won't be here to attend, because it will be beyond amazing.  and not sure if you have seen her ADORABLE white pumpkins? they are SUPER cooL! and so inspiring… they even brought a smile to my numb face!! lol.

since i got my computer back, i had snapped these photos of the heart box my sister made.. cute cute.

Katieheartbox copy 


(this is how katie used her extra buttons from my Creative Escape project… good job kates!

here's to a great monday!

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