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so lucky

so lucky

Picture_1Not to brag… but wanna see what I am starting on 11-17? Yep… pretty soon, my photos are going to look like hers: KAREN RUSSELL. You know what I got in the mail about a month ago was a HUGE llike 4 or 5” binder for the class… it’s going to be holy-cow-exciting-amazing… I’m totally not worthy! It’s a 9 week on-line course… so now you are ALL going to be witnesses of my overall photographic improvement. I have been a lazy, no-good, boring photographer. (squeel) so excited. I am placing up a ‘benchmark’ photo for today-for me to gauge my progress by.Capri_3
Now, it’s hard for any photo of this girl not to be fantastic… she couldn’t be cuter!! Especially now that she is POTTY TRAINED! –I mean, seriously, I am loving it! I had to laugh b/c today we graduated to her feeling ready to go potty by herself w/ out coming to get me and take it upon herself to dump the potty from the training chair into the big pot. UGHH!! (so grown up).

And here… is my ‘stories in hand’ book. Just got done printing out all the stuff for today’s lesson “sparks”. I read through them and instantly things were flooding into my mind. I am totally feeling the need to capture the memories. So cool. I have had to alter my approach- so I made little booklets out of each section “roots” “family” etc., and instead put them in pockets in my book. I think it will work out ok. I will share when I get iti all ‘cute’. Just be ready for needing a STACK of paper to print. (I just used type paper). Booke_2

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