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Sometimes you just need to hear it like it is.

Sometimes you just need to hear it like it is.

I guess that it’s been a combo of everything- the travel and
events; new product developments and execution of creative ideas; house
management … meals, laundry, cleaning bathrooms and under beds… realizing that
EVERYONE has seriously grown out of EVERYTHING!! Back logs of organization
projects and school projects, hockey/rugby/dance/iceskating/ on and on and on.
I hit a wall over the weekend. I thought I was just tired- and that made
sense…it  actually kinda felt like
the crushing blow of jet lag… and I even thought that maybe the jet lag was
just catching up! but I slept. I slept in. I took naps. I went to bed early
(early for me). and still, I didn’t really want to move. Just the mere
question, “mom, what’s for dinner” seemed like more than my brain could even
process. There was something wrong- this was not normal. Then the ‘feeling
sorry for myself’ set in. I tried to make lists, set some goals- shake it off.
I thought for sure a new week would pull me up and out! but Monday morning
came, and I was just a huge grouch. Eric went the ‘steer-clear’ route…can’t
blame him.

A call got me out of bed, it was someone that I respect
–someone that tells it like it is. She pulls no punches. She was following up
on something I was (supposed)to be doing…and I started immediately making
excuses- even though I know better (than making excuses. my aunt KJ told me
that it weakens your character when you make excuses…so I hate it when I do
that… but I did).  My excuses
turned quickly into a slightly choked up description of why I couldn’t fulfill
this assignment- instead of accepting my ‘bow out’ attempt, she pressed on- to
find out what was really going on. I didn’t think that i’d spill my guts…but I
did. I think that I wanted to hear a little validation probably- I wanted to
hear that I was doing a great job. Even though I knew I wasn’t.

Instead… she dared to tell me the truth: you have to create
the life you love. You have to envision how you want things to be; set goals;
make changes and go to work with your priorities in the right places. Stop
whining, start doing.  And be
grateful for EVERY LITTLE THING. 
Ok, so I have heard these little tid bits before. But that day, I didn’t
need to be comforted, I needed to be reminded.

She ended by telling me that she loved me, and that she knew
I could pull it all together;  that
when we feel weak, we can turn to the Lord- and He will be there. No matter

The conversation left me in tears for most the day- not
really done feeling sorry for myself I think- but the words just kept running
laps in my mind.

But it wasn’t until today that I got my moment of clarity.

When we focus on what we don’t have- we have nothing.


When we focus on what we have- we have everything.

And when we focus on what we really want from our lives…
it’s truly possible.


It’s all about focus. My heart has turned to all that I
have. And I am so thankful.

I really, really needed to hear the things I didn’t want to
hear, and with the truth ringing in my ears… I am ready to move forward- eyes
bright, focus clear!


Thanks…you know who you are.


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