Heidi Swapp | somewhere between belize and costa maya
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somewhere between belize and costa maya

Again… here we are … somewhere in the Caribbean ocean… floating. (rocking, swaying)! We had so much fun today! We just gone done teaching one of our classes… it went great. Everyone seemed to love the class! Once again… 100 people that were able to use the rub-ons without a single problem! (well, unless you try to rub it on to wet paint)!   So here is the boat we are on: it’s called the ‘Carnival Valor’.  Admittedly, there are far more crazy drunk people than scrapbookers! It’s for sure a party ship!

This is my cute husband… he got this awesome orange and blue tie on his last trip to china for like $2 or something ridiculous… and he was so excited to have a chance to wear it.

This is me with the one and only ‘cruisin with Becky Higgins’… her baby Claire is about the cutest thing on the planet!

Today we went on an excursion on the island (and country) of Belize.  We went on a canopy tour. It was a zip-line tour above the jungle below! It was pretty cool!  Well, there were only 5 zip-lines, and 2 repelling drops, but that was enough for our first try! (well, eric was the pro who had already been to the “2nd largest” canopy tour in the world when he was in Puerto Vallarta and he thought this one was totally lame-o) but em and I were excited and kind of freaking out, along with the old people from NY that were behind us in line! I guess it was worth the hour and a half bus ride there and back…



When we got back from our excursion, we ate some food and the boat was pretty rocky and eric got sick for the first time… and we had to hustle to teach again. I have to hand  it to eric, he has been the best (most patient) teacher helper ever… the scrapbookers love him! Maybe I will start booking him to go and teach classes… quite the charmer! I must say…initially,  I was not sure why people would really be wanting to mix crusin with scrappin… I have been polling everyone.. and as it turns out, it’s just nice to have an excuse to both cruise and scrapbook! I think that the thing I like the best about it is that you get a break in between classes to relax and hang out… whether you are going ashore to dive or snorkel or any of the million choices… or even if you just decide to sit on the deck next to the pool… it’s nice to break it up over the 7 days! I love that part of it… I haven’t had to be going from class to class like I usually do at regular events.  So if you need an excuse to cruise, or an excuse to scrap… you might want to consider this as an option! I must also add… I might rather just enjoy the onboard-spa than fight the crowds getting on and off the boat… the SPA ROCKS!!