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sorry, it's been awhile

sorry, it's been awhile

so i am in arizona.
it’s been a fabulous visit, and unfortunately, it’s coming to an end. cory is here with me, and we have been having a blast! it has been so fun to be back in town, and have a chance to just hang out here! one week may not seem like a long visit, but when my last visit was under 24 hours, this is much better! i feel so lucky to get to catch up with friends, and eat some good mexican food… i have felt a little bummed that there is no salsa to be had because of the tomato/salmonella issue.
i came to town specifically for the Creative Escape Preview Day- but i also got a chance to teach a couple of classes at scrapbooks, etc here in mesa-such a delight to see so many familiar faces, and get to do what i love to do. smile. just really feels so great to be in the valley of the sun! i am even welcoming the 110 degree weather. i got a little pool time even. (the big 2 hours- better than nothing). the other good news was that i could get my hair cut- and when i was there, my stylist, heather, told me that my hair finally feels ‘not pregnant’. it’s funny that she can tell a difference.

So today was the first day of preview day- i kicked off the morning, and then we heard from Kelly Goree, Janet Hopkins and Laurie Stamas. Tomorrow is Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin and Jessica Guthrie. preview day is so great! it’s so fun to have a no-pressure ‘dress rehearsal’ for the big event. it’s going to be awesome this year. i am so excited… and it means i’ll be back in just a couple months (time flies). i snapped a photo of the volunteers in Bazzill wearhouse where we were having our preview classes…don’ t you just love those stacks and stacks of paper? and the pink aprons! Tim did inform me that he has maybe arrived at his quota of ‘pink’… i just have to thank all that were so involved in helping us get preview day pulled together! we have the most awesome sponsors… for my class specifically: prima is providing GORGEOUS papers…and Ranger is making sure i have the ink we need! of course the Bazzill people have been amazing, and don’t you just LOVE that there is a color of Bazzill for EVERY possible need! thank you to everyone that took care stuff for CE at Advantus! thanks guys…. my class and janet’s class uses product that isn’t even released yet (not until July at CHA summer…um, i guess that is my next US jaunt). it’s SO fun to pass out a bunch of new papers… and have everyone ask ‘who’s paper is this??’ (the bottom strips were cut off so they would fit in the kits)… so fun to be able to share the secrets. of course all voulenteers have to sign confidentiality agreements, and after they create their fabulous project, they have to go and place them all in a box with their name on it, which will go high up on shelves until they get them at the event! we have to keep our secrets!! you know i love that surprise! we have LOTS of fun, new surprises at CE… my favorite part.
Of course huge thanks to Basic Grey for their generosity for kelly’s class… Laurie is teaching a class to highlight one of the newest additions to the Bazzil line coupled with Scenic Route papers, and it was just really cool to play with and imagine the possibilities. i am looking forward to seeing Tim, Jenni and Jessica in action tomorrow! i am not going to give any more info as we will start spilling our sneaks after preview day…
my jet lag is killing me. i have to go to bed.


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