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spoiled kid!

spoiled kid!

i mean, anyone that gets 2 parties, 2 cakes….is just plain spoiled! we had the local fam over tonight for dinner and MORE cake! really, it couldn't happen to a nicer kid! the mailbox was even full of cards for cory- i think that he felt pretty special today! i let him open some new clothes this morning, so he had some fresh duds…so, if any of you have a 12-year-old in your life, and are in need of some gift ideas:

Cash you can't go wrong with $$$… and if you stop by the dollar store, and pick up some balloon rockets and whoopie cushion, you can tape a little of the green stuff on the back!

we had so much fun tonight rockin' out to some MJ classics and learning some of his signature dance moves. that was fuN! cory was stoked.

but, you really should make them work for it! my dad wrapped up this present from he and my mom- my brother and i immediately recognized the yellow straps- these were wrapped around many-a-sleeping bag or foam mat- i couldn't believe they were being passed onto the next generation of scouter! …and this was just the first layer:

once he got through the first box, he found another…again spilling over with tissue, and shredded paper


and the more packing tape, the more it prolongs the fun!

inside box #2, Cory found another perfectly sized and taped box-

only to reveal box #4….and finally:

something he was hoping for … and i am going to tell you all about in on my 'Techy Tuesday"…

but the present he loved the most, came from the guy that probably knows him the best, and knew how much Cory would LOVE this… Colton and Eric arranged for an "ALL BLACKS" jersey- big, big hit!


so, tonights cake was a bit of an experiment!

i read about how to make a choc cake using just a cake mix and a can of diet coke! have you ever tried this? i have put sprite in marninade and coke in cobbler, but never have i used it in choc cake!

So, all you do is mix the choc cake mix, with a can of coke until it's fluffy and light… and then cook it at 350 for about 25 min. i frosted it and topped it with some army guys, m&m's and some frosting! the cake was yummy! i recommend it! but no one beleived me that i made it with a can of diet coke.

SIDENOTE: if you make this recipie into cupcakes, they are only 1pt on weight watchers.


in other news…

there is a couple new kits up at www.Houseof3.com today… Daily Junque card kits: go to Janet's blog to see her gorgeous samples… and look for some 'Soiree' kits SOON!

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