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spray painting TIPS!

spray painting TIPS!

so i have had a bunch of emails about what kind of paint i used, and so i thought i'd share a few of my little tips, and what i have learned…

1. i like the selection of the colors of spray paint at Hobby Lobby best! the colors are awesome- they even carry the Krylon mini cans of spray paints. 

2. i had the best results when i put on a primer first- the primer sticks to almost anything, and provides a great surface. i used it on ceramic, glass, plastic, wood, painted wood, slick painted wood, baskets.

3. WAIT until the primer is totally dry. i am SO not good at waiting, so i sprayed EVERYTHING with the primer and then went to bed, so it would dry overnight.

4. apply the paint on thin- and layer it rather than really thick layers that will drip — move your hand slowly as you apply the paint.

5. allow time between coats.

6. play with different types of finishes: flat vs. glossy

i just layed down some cardboard in my back patio… if you put it on the grass (not wet), at least you can mow the color from over-spray off! it's so fun to see a little spray paint breathe new life into just about anything!


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