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Hello friends, I am so happy to greet you today.  Wow, and here we are almost wrapping up the month of April.  Can you even believe it?  Time just keeps ticking on by.

Even though April is known as ‘stress awareness month’…yep! it’s true…. stress awareness I think we can all agree is something that we all face on the daily.

Especially in these present days.

That being said, I was inspired to take some lemons…combine them with my mini Lightbox , some mini Lightbox alphas and add some cheeky inspiration into my kitchen.  A little reminder to stay open, keep optimistic and always be ready to try and manage my stress with the best mindset I possibly can muster.  Let’s be real…it is certainly a battle and far from the easiest to do sometimes.  Hiding in bed with the covers over my head always comes to mind as my first choice…but life always seems to provide other plans haha!

So friends, let us squeeze the day shall we?

Adding light boxes into your decor is such an easy way to mix things up!  I love that light boxes come blank.  They literally can say or be anything you want them to.  No rules, just limitless inspiration.  Pairing my light box with some basic greenery, luscious bright lemons and tucking it into my 2 tier tray is the perfect decor piece for my kitchen right now.  It is a reminder to me that no matter what my day brings me, it is up to my and my choices to make the most of it!

Also fun fact about me is that I juice and drink 1 lemon daily.  Lemons are known for their natural abilities to heal and cleanse, highly regarded as one of natures most natural super foods…which is also super fitting for this month too!  Bring on the healing in all the ways I say.

So till next time friends, remember to “squeeze the day” and deep breaths.

We got this!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Lightbox

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